"How a single ripple in energy can ignite the flames of consciousness: a simple tool to spread the energy of awakening to mankind"

This day in age, lightworkers and those of higher consciousness spend much time talking about the collective consciousness and reaching critical mass to effect change. Much time has been spent organizing mass meditations and coordinating efforts to a common goal. While all this is good, there can be a much simpler way to make available the energy for spiritual awakening, one person at a time. Everyone is familiar about how one drop of water makes a ripple that grows. The same is also true with energy and consciousness. One person, realizing the universal principle of oneness, can apply this to start a wave that can travel the undercurrent of the subconsious of that mass consciousness, and that wave can effect change to all those open to receiving the energy. Sound complex? It's simpler than it sounds.

Quantum physics has found that all cells in the human body respond to an electromagnetic pulse, known by the ancients as the sacred circuit. This pulse that our cells respond to come from the brain, which in turn comes from the heart. The heart receives its pulse from the earth, which gets its pulse from the solar system, which gets its pulse from the universe. With this in mind, it is easy to see that we all share a pulse with everything in existance, proving we all are connected. This is oneness. When one takes into account this oneness and the fact that all are indeed connected, one person can start a ripple effect into the subconscious mass consciousness purely by intent. Any person aware of the spiritual laws, especially that of the law of attraction know that we shape our reality by our thoughts and intents.

These things are intertwined, and by sending our intentions to the universe,
these intentions can travel along this "web of existance" to touch all those we are connected to. How do we do this? If as lightworkers, our intention, being in the highest good of all those we encounter, is to make available the opportunity for the tools for their awakening and development be made available to them, all we have to is intend it. Using affirmations upon rising in the morning or any time of day a person chooses, the lightworker can make a pure intention with love, free from ego and expectation, that their energy and vibration carry an undercurrent that will touch the subconsciousness all people that see or hear them. The intention can include that every person that sees or hears the intender will have made available to them, an energy that will lead to them, the tools for awakening and growth. These tools can be a sudden curiosity that in some way or another, stimulates a person to start questioning things around them, whether it be the current system in the world, or better yet, to seek the deeper meaning to things, thereby beginning to seek higher wisdom and spirituality. Free will would go from there, as the recipient of this energy would make a conscious choice on whether or not to follow the path laid out before them. The method of transmitting the energy behind the intentions is very simple. There is no need for physical contact, just some means of transmission, either visual or aural, would be enough to transmit this wave.

This intention has to be made free of ego, judgment, and expectations of any kind.

One also has to acknowledge that while the energy will spread and be made available to all, each person touched by this energy has their own
free will and will choose their own paths accordingly.


Jane Doe works in a restaurant, where she waits on dozens of people a day. Jane does not have to sit and lecture every person she comes in contact with to make available to them the energy that could bring them the tools for awakening.

Jane gets up in the morning and makes a simple affirmation to the universe:

"I intend that every person that sees me or hears me, no matter whether or not they talk to me directly, have made available to them the energy that can stimulate their spiritual curiosity, that will open their minds, cause them
to question, and depending upon their conscious choice, seek out those things that will enhance their spiritual awakening, growth, and development."

Jane realizes that even people that pass her on the street that don't even look at her directly will have a portion of this energy contact them, purely by the universal connection that we all share. The affirmation doesn't have to be like the one above, it can be anything the intender wishes it to be, provided that it is in the highest good for all those that receive it.

With these things in mind, the lightworker can take upon themselves, that goal which all of us strive for, the awakening of the mass consciousness. It need not be complex, time consuming, or cumbersome. All it takes is a few minutes, a heart of love, and pure intent.

Mai'ani San'Tarai Onara

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