How to Greatly Increase Your Healing Energy

Excerpt from
Chapter 7: Healing Through the Power of Psychic Energy
Wisdom of the Mystic Masters
by Joseph J. Weed
How to Greatly Increase Your Healing Energy
Most people take their energy, or lack of it, for granted. They are aware that some people have more energy than others but aside from an occasional twinge of envy, seldom give it a thought. It never occurs to them to wonder why this should be or if there is something they can do to correct it. Yet you, or anyone, can greatly increase the amount of energy you normally have available for use. There are many techniques. Here is one such exercise, quite simple, which takes about two and one-half minutes.
1. Sit erect but not tense--or stand easily with your weight evenly balanced between both feet.
2. Take a deep breath to the count of five.
3. Slowly relax and let the air out for the count of ten.
4. Repeat this ten times consecutively.
5. While performing this exercise close your jaws firmly and clench each hand into a fist. Keep all of the body relaxed except the hands and jaw. As you breathe in and out think to yourself that each breath is bringing a great surge of energy and power which you are storing within you.
A quite noticeable stimulation will be apparent to you within 15 or 20 minutes after completing this exercise. What is not so evident is a general increase in total energy which will persist for several hours. Only beneficial effects will be observed and the exercise can be performed several times each day, four or five times if convenient. By practicing it at least once a day from today onward you will gradually increase your energy supply and in a month's time you will be so strengthened that most infections and diseases will pass you by.
Another very practical and stimulating exercise is what is often referred to as "A Child of the Sun." It involves a visualization and its effectiveness will be in direct ratio to the skill employed in visualizing.
1. Sit erect and relaxed with feet touching and hands clasped in your lap.
2. Visualize the sun, a great white flaming orb of prodigious energy.
3. Mentally lift your consciousness from your body and go "in spirit" to the sun. Enter into its flaming aura and proceed to the body of the sun itself.
4. Have no fear. You are a son of the Sun and this is your rightful home. Let the sun's tremendous energy flow through your entire being invigorating and strengthening every particle.
5. After one minute return to your body, rise and go on with your daily tasks.
Immediate stimulation and refreshment will be noticed but the greater benefit from this exercise will not be apparent for several hours. It is then you will realize, if you are observant, that you have done more work with less fatigue than is normally possible.
While taking steps to increase your energy, it will be wise if you also try to correct damaging habits of eating, drinking or thinking. Each person is different and it has been said that "what is one man's meat is another man's poison." It is impossible therefore to give you recommendations as to diet. You yourself must learn to observe from your own reactions what is beneficial and what is causing harm. Most people are creatures of habit and custom. They drink what their neighbors drink and they eat what is on the menu or what is put before them. This is not wisdom. Seek out your own best course and then have the courage to follow it. The dividends in health and well-being are great.
A certain amount of daily exercise is also important. I do not suggest that you become a health faddist. All extremes are bad. But your blood must be kept circulating and a walk or some other mild exercise each day is the best way to stimulate it. Nor should it be necessary to mention cleanliness and the importance of a daily bath. Thus your health is safeguarded.


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Comment by Robert on November 30, 2012 at 9:18pm

Apreciation to these practical excercises.

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