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Humanity Healing's Heart!


Liane Legey is a one woman dynamo.  Although I met her in the virtual world, she quickly became one  of my dear long lost soul sisters, a collaborator and a business associate.  

I have watched her create lessons plans, teach distant classes, manage a community of thousands ( - 
update groups, write articles, design page layout, feed a family and help the community at large.  

It is really impossible to describe how much she gives and how much she truly cares about humanity, it's overwhelming to see in action.

"Love without ACTion is just Intent!"  ~deZengo

 I have worked with Ms. Legey and the community of writers / artists / musicians / activists / crafters / poets / photographers that she has brought together to share and connect the holistic community and support the little guys (businesses) who have a great product or service and deserve the same marketing opportunities as the big boys! She works closely with our Team at deZengoDESIGNS to create front covers that elevate and reflect the beauty of the cover story individual. 

She is a born leader, although truthfully, I think she'd rather be teaching and sharing her own passion to empower wo(men) how to heal from the INside::OUT! I am proud to call the sister I never had and look forward to seeing what crazy adventures she will manifest and bring our way! You never know from day to day what you will get, because she adapts to the situation and life as it unfolds. 

She is part of the leadership and foundation at OM Times Magazine & Media (, she's the co-founder of Humanity Healing International, a mother, a friend, and a servant to humanity. For everyone that knows her - she is a blessing! 

For those that don't, she's always there to lend a hand - but sometimes, her little helper bees might have to do the work on her behalf because we have her locked in her studio right now working and laying the finishing touches for a new era of media - that can be shared with and for the people. It's for the conscious folks - so I know that CARE2 will understand why I believe and support those who are out there doing GO(o)D things and BEing that Light they wish the World to See! I love and respect this woman and I believe in her vision. It's only a little thing - but each little voice does make an impact in the world - of that I am sure! 

Thank you for the opportunity to share this tribute to my collaborator & friend - Liane Legey! 

Love : Light : Endless Joyful Adventures 


Her Complete Bio

(Snippit SEE Below)
Liane Legey is the cofounder of the Humanity Healing Network, General Manager of and sits on the Board of Directors for Humanity Healing International, and is the Editor-in-Chief of OM Times Magazine.  Liane’s professional life has been incredibly varied.  She is an anthropologist and degreed Economist who did her post-graduate work in city services planning for the island Itaparica, has worked for the Brazilian State Commerce Department as the statistics supervisor, was a bank auditor, a radio talk show personality and newspaper feature writer in Brazil, a prominent tarot reader and astrologer for the state of Bahia, Brazil, an organic farmer, and a Death Row minister.  Not to mention a mother to four – a full-time job in itself. 




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Comment by Humanity Healing International on September 29, 2011 at 5:26pm
You guys are all silly geese....
Comment by deZengo on September 29, 2011 at 4:30pm

You're so silly Charlie!  ;-)  

Thank goodness!  


It's not just about giving out kudos it's also about trying to create good cross marketing & connections with folks who are also out there doing great things.  I love the CARE2 folks and they've done a great job with what they offer.   Most of everything I try to do is multi-faceted and to bring about the "changes" that we need to sustain this community and the magazine.  Of course, with you ... it's like singing to the choir because I know that you realize how much they do / how much money they spend out of pocket / and the amount of love & dedication that goes into everything they (Chris & Liane) do.  


Thanks for stopping by.  No worries about me talking to myself - I do that on most days!  LOL


hugs & happy thursday,



Comment by Charlie on September 29, 2011 at 4:03pm

DeZengo, you aren't talking to yourself hun

Some of us are awake and listening, so don't give up!  

Thank you for letting people know about our wonderful Liane. Very few people actually know what goes on 'behind the scenes', or the huge amount of hard work that both Liane and Chris put in to make Humanity Healing and all of the projects work. Giving a 'shout out' every once in a while is a *very* good thing  

Much love and a big hug to you, my dear DeZengo  You are another one who does a huge amount for Humanity Healing and our on-line magazine, OM Times (yep, that's me giving *you* a small 'shout out' )


Comment by Aia on September 29, 2011 at 4:33am

DeZengo, I am so grateful for what you have written to present the personality of RaK. For me, the most incredible quality she has is HER compassion towards the tiniest creatures on this planet. What bigger proof of true spirituality than that? Everyone can talk a lot, but the most important is what we have in our hearts. Let her compassion be blessed! She will leave long and deep trace although, for the time being, she might not feel appreciation of her endeavours. But this is the fate of every great person in a world of people destroyed by the ego. I marvel and  adore her titanic perseverance. I wish that she never gave up and may she continue with the good work. To all the team of Humanity Healing and Liane,  I would like to say a big

                                                                                   THANK YOU!!!

                                                                        I bow to you ( NAMASTE)


Comment by deZengo on September 27, 2011 at 8:13pm
In case anyone is interested... this is a GREAT way to draw attention back to our members and organization.  Oh sure, I'm talking to myself - but what's new!
Comment by deZengo on September 27, 2011 at 11:42am

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