Journey In Life Lessons: Returning To Spiritual Order

Returning To Spiritual Order

     Spiritual order is a foundation, the intent of balance in the Universe. There must be spiritual order in the Universe. This concept should not be confused with a strict or tyrannical hierarchy. Spiritual order in the Universe functions under the guidance and control of the founder of spiritual order, of a Divine, loving and Supreme Being/Consiousness. This founder has been known and is known by many names such as God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Divine Source, etc., but The Founder is above all Earth ideologies and is far beyond our comprehension at this time.

     The whole cosmos has an orderly and harmonious rhythm and pattern that is not random and this includes Earth as well. This great and awesome force or consciousness governs the life cycles of all things, from the insects, to plant life, to sentient life forms, to the stars, planets, etc. and it seems to me, that there is a conscious design and intent within this orderliness. Every thing is energy and vibration, including us.

     We, as a Human species, need to cast away our feeble, emotional and sentimental way of looking at things. Order of the Universe is beyond Human knowledge and the law of balance supersedes all of man’s laws.
We are in a spiritual crisis on this planet, and things must come back into balance and order for the good of all life forms, not just ours.

     When we start awakening to this fact than moving through all trials and lessons in this life experience will carry us on our journey’s with ease and grace and higher awareness. We must accept that life and death are a part of this experience for us to move forward and evolve to a higher vibrational frequency. Every thing in this Universe moves through this cycle of birth and rebirth, evolving and revolving in some form or fashion.

     We must realize that we are all connected in this web of life, and what harms one, will effect another, and what helps one, will help another and so on and so on...Karmic law, Universal law, dictates it to be so. We are all faced with this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow, to return to “the garden”, as it were; to raise our spiritual awareness and understanding; to all be witnesses to the great events of this ospicious time in history. I wait with baited breath to see what happens in the coming months, and i trust that everything is unfolding according to Divine Plan and Universal order and balance.

     We are all co-creators on this planet, and we CAN bring things back to Spiritual Order and balance if we use our collective thoughts, our collective love and compassion for one another to raise our personal vibrations and that of the planets’ as well. It can not fail, for this is the Law of Attraction in action my friends!!! So please take the time to sit and reflect often and send out loving thoughts, prayers or meditations, how ever is best for you. Your positive thoughts, energy waves and feelings will reach many that you are not even aware of yet. Your thoughts and feelings affects all life on this planet. It is an amazing process, and we are all apart of it!!! We truly are all ONE. I hope and pray that someday all Beings will realize this and act upon it in the most loving and wonderful ways...So, please join with others, be unified in creating Spiritual Order and balance. So within, so with out, as above, so below. I ask it, I beseech it, and so it is. Blessed be all and light, Faiza

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