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I am sitting on a bench in the park. At the neighbouring bench, two mothers with babies are having a conversation. One of them is definitely dominating in the dialogue. She talks a lot and very much aloud too. She also have a hoarse voice to boot. This lady's gabbiness is a sure indicator of disbalance in her throat chakra. I go deeper in my reasoning. Loud voice - agression, ego, fear...of what ? Of not being accepted ? Or heard? Upon reflection quiet voice is also agression,ego and fear  but directed inwards.

    Very few people have the skill to be engaged in a normal and pleasurable conversation. To be in perfect balance with the ambient world and themselves. To use that pleasant and measured pitch of their voices not to encroach others' teritory and not go in the other extreme by talking too quietly thus giving their listeners a hard time trying to hear what they have to say. To know and be able to await answers after their  HOW ARE YOU ?  To make others feel really heard. To weild the art of obtaining and resending the energetic ball of words. To joke... These, so necessary , islets of life energy.

  I watch the two ladies, the other one, who I hardly heard utter a word, is biting her lips. She glances at her watch too often. I can feel her suspense. I feel compassion for her. Cos after all she has been attacked by a Komatsu buldozer in human flesh which sweeps away everything on its way, only  to be heard, at any rate.

    I sit on the bench for not more than 5 minutes. For as long as to be inspired for this blogpost 


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Comment by Aia on October 6, 2011 at 2:04pm

 Charlie, I think that in order for one to stop being a victim they should have a rebellious spirit by nature. When I was a child , I remember, I stepped on burning fire to withstand my viewpoint. If people were rebels there wouldn't have been manipulated people. I know many who are aware but  do not have the power to battle against being a victim. 

 Natasha, thank you for your nice words. I appreciate it! In your case you were lucky making friends with that person for I have tried many a time to find common language with the type of people you talk about but I have always failed  to realize a soul-to soul contact. By the way, I will post my latest story very soon, where you will be able to spot a bit of you there.

 Have a great time...love to both of you !xxx

Comment by Natasha on October 5, 2011 at 4:56pm

OH Aia, I love your blogs.  Do you people watch?  As a writer and an actor, I find I really can't help it.  I recently attended a workshop where I was challenged directly by somebody the second I got there.  I found this person to be offending many others in the room.  They seemed to be irritating people by being arguementative and verbally attacking people and trying to take higher status.  I watched from a distance during a break and it suddenly occurred to me that I was seeing their EGO.  Not the real 'them' and for some reason (perhaps fear or insecurity) they were hiding behind the EGO self or using it as a shield.  Whether they were aware, or not I couldn't work out.  I felt they were aware of this.  Later on I was asked to work directly with this person and I said a silent prayer, please, please, please let me see this person clearly.  Let me see who they truly are, and allow me the opportunity to connect directly to their true self, heart to heart, and bypass the ego personality.  I took a deep breath, looked up nervously and smiled... I looked them in the eyes and now?  We are becoming very good friends.  So I guess my story has a happy ending.

I look forward to reading more about your bench breaks.  XXX  Loving the flying thoughts - keep those wings flapping dear!

Comment by Charlie on October 5, 2011 at 12:23pm

Maybe people don't realise that they have the choice to remove themselves from the situation?

Some people prefer to play the role of the 'victim' rather than take back their power and stop playing into (and co-creating) that drama. I guess it is all part of each person's learning and growing experience  


One of the things I have had to learn as part of my journey is that it is absolutely fine to stop playing a part in other people's dramas. I can choose to leave, to remove myself from their ego games. We each can choose something different, something that honours ourselves, or we can choose to keep doing the same things and getting drawn into situations that do not honour our highest good. 


Never underestimate the power of choice!  


Thank you for sharing this Aia  

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