Word of God
... through Bertha Dudde

Last Supper....

The motto of your life should be `To serve the Lord in all things will be my constant endeavour....' and His blessing will be with you wherever you go. Now hear what is intended for you from the Father: The most holy sacrament of the altar was given by God, but its meaning will have to be understood wisely. You are now surrounded by a protective shield of spiritual friends who will keep everything that is wrong and misguided at bay, so that people may receive clarification through you about a question which has become a frequent matter of dispute. Over a period of time people's correct thinking had been infiltrated by an entirely wrong point of view which caused further conflicts and divided opinions. Without first having asked for consent from the divine Lord and Saviour a directive was issued which is contradicts the divine teaching.

The living portrayal of the Holy Communion is always the acceptance of God's Word in one's heart.... Whoso eats My flesh.... i.e. who receives My Word with a hungry heart.... and drinks My blood.... i.e. who receives the truth with My Word and lives by My Word entirely truthfully.... he receives Me. And My Words `This is My flesh.... this is My blood....' should be understood in this sense: Just as the human being needs bread for the well-being of his body, so the pure Word of God is needed for the preservation of eternal life.... And just as wine will give strength to the weak, so shall the truth from God strengthen the soul, providing it accepts it. And when it is said that the bread and wine are transformed into My flesh and blood then the correct understanding of this should be that My Word will bring Me Myself close to the person at the same time, if it is complied with.... i.e. if it is eaten and drunk, and that, therefore, the human being accepts Me Myself with My Word, because My Word teaches love, and I Myself Am love....

He who loves Me will sincerely accept Me in his heart and thus will be filled at My table by My bread and My wine.... by the Word of truth and life. The meaning was in fact understood correctly. However, it was decided to ceremonially intensify the impression of My Words but then greater significance was given to the ceremony, so anyone not complying with it was declared to have lost all blessing. And thus the formality was observed first, but the deeper meaning became lost, Communion increasingly became a formality, divine truth could no longer enter into people's hearts. In contrast, the ceremony has been preserved to this day, and the human being believes to have fulfilled his obligation sufficiently by approaching the Lord's altar with faith....

But how can I take abode in a human being who has not changed himself to love first, who will not comply with My Word and keep My commandments? Anyone who wants to receive Me physically and spiritually and carry Me in his heart has to eat My bread and drink My wine.... he has to desire the bread of life as nourishment, which comes from heaven, and he has to drink the wine, the living truth, which flows to him who is thirsty. Only then will he eat My flesh and drink My blood and he will live eternally, because then he is in Me and I Am in him....

Only in this and no other way should the Communion be understood which I inaugurated with the said Words, but which you humans have interpreted at your own discretion without recognising the deeper meaning of My Words. The more eagerly you try to observe only the ceremony and the more often you merely externally receive My bread and My wine, the less I will be present Myself, and thus you will not receive Me Myself but you will only be close to Me in your imagination. Because I Am only present where profound love for Me expresses itself by fulfilling My commandments and living in accordance with My Word.... For he eats My flesh and drinks My blood who complies with My will and serves Me.... who bears witness to Me before the word, he will truly be My disciple with whom I will take communion and whom I will fill, to whom I will give his share.... he will be nourished by Me and receive the bread from heaven in all eternity....


`Do this in remembrance of Me....' Last Supper....

Strength, wisdom and life originate from Me.... And thus I have to be recognised as the source of strength and light, and the connection with Me has to be sought in order to attain life through the receipt of strength and light. Hence I must be able to find Myself again in you, that is, light and strength or the knowledge of eternal truth and its subsequent abundant strength have to be in you.... My spirit must take effect in you.... and thus I Myself must be able to work in you, only then will you be alive, but you will never ever loose this life again. Then you will be united with Me, and this union is the true Communion.... The union with Me is indispensable or you could neither receive strength nor light, since the unification with the eternal primary source has to take place first if the flow of My love is to be transmitted across into the human being's heart.

But in order to establish this unification the will to receive something from Me is required first. The will, in turn, necessitates mental activity, thus I have to be recognised by the person's heart and intellect as the source and therefore the provider of what he desires, and he has to mentally endeavour to reach Me.... Only this activates the will and fulfils the conditions which lead to unification with Me. The activated will is equal to an act of love.... But this is essential, and thus My commandment of love can never be bypassed by those who truly want to communicate with Me, who want to unite with Me....

Distribute gifts, offer food and drink to your neighbour, help him in his spiritual and earthly hardship, give to him as I have given to you, refresh your fellow human being's body and soul, have mercy on the weak and sick, comfort the sad, lift up the discouraged, always and ever alleviate hardship, and always do so with regard to Me Who exemplified the earthly path to you.... Share everything you own with the poor.... Then you will fulfil My commandment of love and thereby the first condition of unification with Me, for only when you have shaped your heart to love will I be able to unite with you, otherwise a union with Me will be impossible, regardless of how many external formalities you observe which have no effect on the state of your heart (your soul).

I want to give you life, give you strength and light in abundance, yet this will never be possible as long as you don't activate your will, as long as you don't practise love.... But I instructed you Myself on how you should practise this love and constantly admonished you to follow Me.... Remember Me and My teaching, then you will conduct yourselves accordingly, and you will truly become vessels for My spirit, thus you will enable the part of Myself to take effect in you.... You will draw Me to yourselves through your actions of love, and thus you will unite yourselves with Me, the primary source of strength and eternal light, and therefore you can also receive unlimited light and strength.... knowledge and might........

The union with Me has to be accomplished first through actions of love, only then can I be present in you Myself.... even in spirit, and only then can I nourish and refresh you with spiritual sustenance, with flesh and blood, with My body in the spiritual sense.... For I Myself Am the Word, thus I offer you the Last Supper when I convey My Word to you, which is spiritual nourishment for your soul. You can indeed also accept this nourishment without prior activity of love, but then it is not a Communion, not a union with Me, for then it is not yet the Last Supper, but it can lead you to it if you don't just accept the Word with your ears but also with your hearts and live accordingly.... Only the activity of your will, the action of love, establishes the spiritual union with Me. However, these activities of love consist of giving, of constantly passing on and sharing what you own, of what makes you happy yourselves in order to also please your fellow human being who is in need of it. And if you don't practise this, if you don't try to follow Me in this, you cannot be nourished at My table either, you will not be able to take the Last Supper with Me, because you exclude yourselves as My guests, because then I will remain inaccessible to you until you have changed yourselves to love, which is and eternally will be My fundamental substance.

If you accept the Last Supper in the form chosen by you humans it will always just remain an external act which only has a profound spiritual meaning when your heart is filled by deep love which, however, should not just move you emotionally but has to find its expression in works of unselfish neighbourly love. For whoever remains in love remains in Me and I in him.... This Word of Mine is also the foundation of the Last Supper set up by Me.... You should always bear My way of life on earth in mind and follow My every example.... And as you give you shall receive, spiritually and earthly; you will, providing you are in close unity with Me through love, be nourished and strengthened at all times.

Constantly carrying out works of love in remembrance of Me.... and thereby establishing the certain union with Me, which guarantees you the receipt of My Word, of My flesh and blood.... that is the profound spiritual meaning of the words `Do this in remembrance of Me....' which all of you will certainly understand if you have the sincere determination to ascertain the spiritual meaning of My Words....


Last Supper.... Spiritual meaning.... Flesh - blood....

The constant desire for nourishment at the table of the Lord assures you His love.... And thus I repeatedly invite you to take communion with Me, as often as you desire it. My table is always set for all who are hungry and thirsty and want to be refreshed, and they will be able to satisfy themselves with the bread of life, with the manna that comes from heaven. Every nourishment at My table is communion, it is the unification with Me without which the offering of My flesh and My blood.... of My Word and its strength.... cannot take place. Thus you, who receive My Word directly or through My messengers, are communing when you desire to accept My Word in your heart. Then My spirit will unite with the spiritual spark within you, then marriage will take place, the union, the spiritual communion. Then I will give you the bread of heaven Myself, I will give you food and drink, I will take supper with you.... you will experience the same event as My disciples, for whom I broke the bread and offered the wine with the Words: Take and eat, this is my body, take and drink, this is my blood....

Do you now understand the meaning I attached to these Words? How immensely important it is that you take communion at My table, because My flesh and My blood will give you the strength to reach eternal life. You have to be nourished with food for the soul so that it matures, so that it safeguards its eternal life.... it constantly has to receive strength which it can only receive from Me directly and which I will give every time it unites with Me. Then I will break the bread and offer it to the soul, and when it thus eats My flesh.... My Word.... it is permeated by strength.... the blood.... with which I have blessed My Word. No one who longs for food for the soul, who wants to be My guest, need ever starve and go without.... I will come to him Myself and invite him, I will stand before his door and knock and if he opens it for Me I will enter and take supper with him.... I will feed him at My table and he will be truly satisfied and never need to go without....

And thus, everything I said on earth should be understood in a spiritual sense. I taught My disciples and they understood Me and carried My Word into the world. And since people were taught correctly they understood and lived in accordance with My will, in accordance with My Word in complete understanding of it. Consequently, My church, the community of believers, was established entirely in My spirit at first.

But later this was no longer enough for the overzealous representatives of My Word, they wanted to excel before the world. And thus events, which were only intended for the soul, were visually presented to people and associated with external actions, which at first could not be condemned since they were carried by the spirit, since people took My will and its fulfilment seriously. But people changed and with them changed the characteristics of My church.... What was meant to be a profound inner experience became an external action which was placed at the fore and the deeper spiritual meaning became lost.... until the simple process of spiritual communion, of union with Me and the direct acceptance of My Word, was no longer understood by people. So now they no longer believe that a direct transmission of My Word is possible, although I Myself clearly and comprehensively promised them My direct working through My spirit, although I Myself.... the Word that had become flesh.... referred to the sustenance with the bread of life, with the manna from heaven.... People no longer understand the simple meaning of My Word and in their blindness don't want to accept the simple explanation either. But anyone who wants to hear and understand will realise it, and the truth will be plausible to him, he will strive to establish a connection with Me Myself, he will be My guest, and I will take supper with him and he with Me....


B.D. 0764, 3740, 4379

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