Looking for an author who will turn some of my writings into a form that you can publish.

There is a saying that up until we are forty we search for success.  After forty we tend to strive for significance.  I am 53 and I am trying to accomplish something significant with my life before all the chemicals I have been exposed to over the years either take their toll or our Creator arranges to fix me up and give me a few extra years of good health?!

I have came to the conclusion that the world economy can be transformed through documentary, reality and semi-reality film projects that will only get going if a book is published.  In a sense I am a bit like a reality film actor who is volunteering my time to audition for a role set forth in Isaiah 45.

Canadian support for rebuilding of Jerusalem Third Temple Complex can alter Middle East political formula.

  • Is there a way in which growing Canadian support for the Jewish people in their desire to rebuild their Jerusalem Third Temple could be combined with a major peace initiative to the Islamic nations?

    Would Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has control of parliament for three more years, perhaps be more interested in the alternative idea of investing in turning deserts green than he has been in some sort of carbon tax or cap and trade system?

    I think so:


    Proposal for the creation of a Quebec provincial currency unit to save coastal communities from threat of rising ocean levels.

    I am advocating investing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in turning deserts green all over the world as a method of combatting climate change. The Islamic nations have so much to gain from this initiative, if it becomes popular, that they would probably be more willing to give something significant to Canada's Jewish community.

    I believe that control of the Jerusalem Temple Mount by the newly formed Jerusalem Sanhedrin and the right for Jews to rebuild and use their Third Temple to offer up sacrifices in the exact manner in which Moses/Moshe told them to do is something that a high percentage of Jewish Canadians would deeply appreciate.

    I am of the belief that ancient Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures have ARTISTIC value that can be translated into both DIPLOMATIC and ECONOMIC VALUE. Wars can be prevented through books and film projects based on sacred scriptures that help us to better understand people raised within a totally different culture than us.


    View Poll Results: Should Christians support Jewish control of Temple Mount and rebuilding of Temple?

    Yes, I believe that every word in Ezekiel chapter 40 to 48 must be fulfilled. 6 17.14%

    Yes, King Cyrus was led by the God of Abraham and he supported this cause. 0 0%

    No, I believe that we should all be vegetarians and never kill animals. 0 0%

    Yes, our nation will be blessed if we bless the Jewish people. 3 8.57%

    No, this could lead to a war and human life is of more value than any temple! 26 74.29%

    Voters: 35.

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Comment by Dennis Tate on September 29, 2012 at 7:32am

Mr. Al Gore did a fantastic job of drawing our attention to the seriousness of the threat of rising ocean levels in his film "An Inconvenient Truth."

I watched all and/or portions of this film five or six times and have not stopped researching the topic ever since.  


Collapse Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Would Likely Put Washington, D.C. Largely Underwater

Comment by Dennis Tate on September 29, 2012 at 7:27am

My house is on a lake classified as tidal water so I tend to look at the subject of climate change differently than somebody who lives thousand of miles inland.  Rapid melting and cracking and sliding of ice on Greenland and on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet makes me downright worried.

The plus side to all this is that this could be the topic that will cause humanity to pull together at a whole new and before unimagined level of cooperation.  


Proposal for the creation of a Quebec provincial currency unit to save coastal communities from threat of rising ocean levels.


In my opinion it is going to cost trillions of dollars to do what needs to be done to protect towns like Truro, and Antigonish, Nova Scotia from the consequences of the cracking and sliding of a large part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the land based Greenland Ice Pack into the ocean.


The province of Alberta attempted to create its own provincial currency unit during The Great Depression but enormous pressure was exerted to ensure that their experiment in monetary policy was unsuccessful.

The province of Quebec seems to be in much better position to create its own provincial currency unit without facing the massive backlash from the financial community and federal government that Alberta experienced.


Dr. James Hansen has stated that the last time that global temperatures rose by three degrees ocean levels rose by 25 meters over four centuries.  Canada and the world are NOT yet prepared for ocean rise of one meter every twenty years.


Nearly one hundred million people in Bangladesh alone will become climate change refugees in the event of merely a one meter rise in ocean levels!

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