Combining the equivalence of a circling dynamical opportunist;  frequented by the combing reverence of a name, births the carrier into direct pulsation of its creation. A vehicle of form bridging the heavens by the subtle components refining themselves instantaneously, moment by moment. Non linear objectives hence are personified by the congeniality of its calling. We respond to light and call into its vibrancy by becoming its emanation.

By what name do you respond to? Envelope into its countenance?  Adonai, the emanation of light coursing the variances into dimensions, uplifting the fabric of consciousness into the higher planes of existence. Tempering the void as the opened realm inturns duality into the responsive nature of its growth. As the calling of name builds foundations into a more exemplified form of reality, the Grid of Light strengthens, emitting particles into the theoretical imagery. The elements become sequenced by the pierce of the eye interchanging the form of its nature into a response from which the gaze may penetrate. The penetration disqualifies its purity and becomes the imaginary form named by the carrier which called it into being , this is how our sequenced vibration rises. The more clarified our fields the lighter we become, thus the manifestation into the idea of variance is realized as one sources the imagination into a formed respective of duality. Rising higher into the dimensions where the sequenced terminology remains un named.

Let the sound not be named from this view. Form new communication, from the Sound of spirit. Call on your highest self. Centering your consciousness above your crown. Feel the sound first by your breath, the deepest breath that calls in Prana. That calls in the energy of the Spheres. Close your eyes and become the sound. Open your mouth and let the sound flow out. Pushing sound first by touching the vibration with roof of your mouth. Then let the dimensions sing without the forms of understanding. Hold out the sounds  and breathe in the energy from the higher dimensions emanating. The better you get, the clearer your intercommunication with the astral realms. And from each dimension your exuberance heightens into the pulsation of its wave. By this you enlighten the longevity of a star times 10. Through this practice you are now fastening the speed at which this universe vibrates!!!! Quickening the impulse of deliverance into tangibility; by the purity unencumbered as quality emanating a portrait of dynamics. The collaborative masterpiece we call humanity. May we together reunite Vision.Expanded! Drawn by the will that brings our galaxy into Zero Point. AND SO IT IS. SHALOM!!

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