Blessings Dear Friends,

Isis graced us with her presence today at our Sacred Circle and I will share with you her message;

I am Isis and I greet and welcome you here today on this special occasion that I am humbly gateful to have been recieved within this Circle.

Today with the full moon is a day of New Beginning in every way as this Moon offers much clearing and cleansing not only within but also on a planetry scale.

It is a time for you to ask of anything you wish to release unto the Moon by intending all you no longer need in your life.

Offer Love to your Earth as an offering that all plant,animal and mineral kingdoms be peaceful.

As it happens in your part of the world is the beginning of Spring which is associated with the blooming of flowers however it is a blooming of you too as new beginnnings are upon each of you now so follow your dreams to their reality.

It is interesting that on the earthplane Spring Cleaning is associated with Spring which goes with this moon which is all about the cleansing of body and surroundings where you live so release from your homes and heart what is not needed.


This moon energy is also about communication so as this Moon will activate fears , angers & fustrations ,it will be very wise to really stop and think before speaking as under current conditions that are coming up within to heal may affect how you speak,in other words the way you relay a message may come out in an angry tone that is not meant by you, maybe dance instead of speaking until you have dealt with the angst you are feeling.


It is very important to possess Integrity and even those as your Leaders are displaying unethical behaviour towards each other because of their own integrity not being dealt with., Have you noticed this? Leaders are meant to be an example however at present this is not what you would like your children to follow.


This is all part of a breakdown of Leaders that will eventully return to the Law of One as it has been predicted for many years now but will start to show in the not too distant future.


The sleeping pattern of many at present is because of the energy that is being transmitted to the Lightworkers as you are needed more sometimes than your waking moments so if you wake early instead of trying to sleep take some time to meditate and send out Love & Healing across the planet ,make it useful time in the quiet of the night.


The animals are aware at this time of the changes than ever before which is wy they seem to be clinging and protective more than usual.

This goes for children as well,the understand ing for them is clear & yet different to what they have been used to which can put them in a state of uncertanity although will understand a lot quicker than many adults do.


The most Healing thing to do for children is to encourage out in nature play and you may even enjoy the benefits to as the energies at present need you to be thoroughly grounded.


At this time it is not necessary for you to feel alone on your journey,it is a healthy alturnative to all upon Angelic ,Divine help who are always there to be there for you, ask & you shall receive.


Much tranformation is occuring and the more you lighten up and play will act like a smouldering of the fire energies that are present especially with a Moon in Pisces, what better way to put out the firey energies with water.


Also of course with Pisces Moon your creativity & Psychic streams will flow if you just permit them to so you can fine tune all that is ................


I wish you all Blessings and love until we meet again, Namaste


Written & Channeled by Rosalie Muir

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Comment by emma monk on September 2, 2012 at 3:31pm

 love and blessing Isis Love and Blessing thank you Isis

Comment by Rosalie Muir on September 2, 2012 at 4:49am

Thank you all for your lovely comments I know Isis wished to share with you and I am always humbled by her connection, Love,Light & peace Trevor, Emma, Pauline & Ann, Blessings of Love,Rosalie xoxox

Comment by emma monk on September 1, 2012 at 12:49pm

Beautiful thank you it was lovely to read, also i have been doing this over the last week and it was wonderful to read praying to God asking him to send  positive energy into our earth rising up giving every plant , tree, insect, animal and being beautiful positive energy thank you  Also i have been finding i some times wake u around 3 oclock i will now have that time to send love and light out thank you.

Love and peaceful blessing to all

Comment by Ann on September 1, 2012 at 12:36pm

Sending you some love Rosalie for this loving/lovely share from you & Isis.  It is beautiful~ xoxoxo

Comment by Rosalie Muir on September 1, 2012 at 6:21am
Many thanks Pauline, wish you were too, Isis energy just lights up the room , such a lady who I love very much, Love & Blessings,Rosalie xoxxo

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