My amazing day, or, Because I locked my keys in my car... or, synchronicities.... :D

Sometimes the twists and turns of life lead to the most amazing things! Today I locked my keys in my car! Because of this, I was hanging around my car, wondering what to do, and I ran into an old friend and chatted for about 40 minutes!

I decided to take the bus to my parents' to get the spare key. I got a map at the museum - the bus was leaving in 4 minutes! I ran across the road, and the bus was about to go on by, when it got a red light! I crossed the road and got on board.

I got off at the wrong stop. So I had a leisurely stroll along a lovely road, and got to look at a mound of flowers in the middle of a cul de sac, that I've been wanting to look at all summer.

At my parents' I found a package notice from a few days ago - just in time to call and ask them not to send them back, but to hold them a few more days till they can pick them up.

I called my friend Nova to see if she could drive me back to my car to get my keys. She said, yes, but come now! So I went and got her and we went to get the car. We were driving back and I pointed out the mound of flowers to her. She loves plants, and we got out and looked at all the beautiful plants the community had planted and were tending collectively.

She had to get to her kayaking class, so we left right away. I dropped her off, and then went on toward home.

As I was about to turn off, patches of furry white caught my eye! Pelicans! I veered off, parked and walked down to the lake. I have been looking for pelicans all summer. They are spirit animals with me. I walked down the boardwalk along the water. There were about 9 of them, big, white, bushy creatures with sleek, strong muscles. They were fishing. The sun dappled the water, colouring some of them brilliant golden white, and leaving others in grey shadow. They plunged their heads down into the water, up and down like a sewing machine! And flipped the fish or seaweed up and let it roll down their throats. They were together in pairs, but not patriarchal like Canada geese. Pelicans are companionable and egalitarian. They seem very faithful to their partners.

There were little grebes, disappearing one minute and reappearing the next! Ducks with rings of ripples radiating in their wake. Ducklings, still fuzzy but growing up nicely, peeping under the trees.

And in the sky were floating 3 hot air balloons, lazily drifting over the hill and the lake and the city.

I honoured the pelicans spirit, for how long they have been here, how many millions of years they have seen the prairie ecosystem evolve. I prayed that they would see many many more millions of years here. And I honoured the liife of the ducks, the grebes, the geese, the plants, the whole ecosystem. I honoured the pelican spirit within me, also the artist, the teacher, the healer, the musician, within me. I sent out love to all the ducks and all the life there.

After a long time, I got back in the car, went to the grocery. Now facing West, I could see the brilliant red-orange of the sunset. It was lighting up the sky. Ahhh, how beautiful! It was, indeed, an amazing day.

Love, Rachel.

(by Rachel E MacDonald AKA Rachel Eden One Love (REOL) )

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