Between 25 and 30 years ago, I did out of body traveling, at a time one brothers ( my second youngest, as I am the eldest of three boys) life was in danger of his then ex wife wishing to kill him, then I had never seen his home in or outside as well no idea how to drive there but still I traveled to his home in my mind at the speed of thought and over the phone described to him in detail the interior/exterior in great detail, he asked then I come there over the weekend which I did and over that weekend I was the one to stop his then ex wife from stabbing him into the back with a broken beer bottle.

At that point I willed myself to stop doing out of body traveling as I wasn't sure then how to control it but now I am learning what I need to attempt this again as I wish to travel by thought to other places beyond earth in space. Pray you don't think me insane for saying these things, I know it works, doing all I can so to seek guidance in the physical realm from those not of earth.

If anyone can seriously help me achieve the means to re-start my third eye to functioning once again on a regular basis I would sincerely appreciate the help. 

So far I have found but this one tea made by a Shaman in Peru that they claim will do just this but for some time it will take me before I can afford to purchase this as its very expensive to buy. I will add this link if anyone here has used this tea before or is also interested in it. Also I am not a affiliate to this it is a plain link only.

Praying some of you have in sight, in helping me activate my Penal gland as I had done those many years ago in my 20's? I am now 52.

The out of body trip I took was simply at the speed of thought, I saw myself flying at speeds not comprehend-able in reality, I could feel the rush of the wind but couldn't actually feel the wind nor could I physically hear anything, once I arrived at my brothers home I was literally flying/hovering over his bed, after seeing he was in no harm at this point I willed myself to return home, it was dark outside in his home but as I traveled at the speed of thought, it was bright in the clouds I was flying through but I had no fear of falling, (I don't fly in reality either), once I returned to my own home, the person that was in my life then, told me I hadn't moved or breathed in 10 min and they had thought that I had died, this is why I willed myself then to never do this ever again.

Now I know that Out of body traveling is real and does work I need only the re start of how I did it back then that I don't remember how to do that I need now desperately so I may travel to meet the Pleiadeans at their home on Erra and request they fly here in the physical realm and meet with me in what I call real time, and teach me themselves the wisdom of their spirituality and their ways as I know in my soul that my own DNA and my wife's is of them! 

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Comment by Moreh/Rabbi Richard Fulk on June 24, 2015 at 11:39pm

Many  blessings Kathy my friend, I thank you for your reply. I will sincerely try this for myself.

Shalom blessings love, light Namesta my friend.

Comment by Kathy Custren on June 24, 2015 at 10:33pm

Moreh, You do not even need the tea; consistent clearing and balancing of the chakras, minimum of daily, and getting the kundalini energies flowing and connected for at least a month (28 days, cycle of the moon), along with consistent focus on achieving that visionary, light-filled goal, ought to get your pathway open once more. Could happen sooner, might be later--everything must be in balance, and if necessary look for an attendant ascended master to guide you. What happens when you are in the ether is up to you. Good luck ~ Namaste ~ Blessings! :)

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