Hi Every-One ~

Earlier this evening I turned the computer off to go and rest, meditate. I felt a profound change today and knew there was an even higher spiritual energy around. So, I closed my eyes and immediately connected to a very high energy vibration that was within me, emanating outwards.

I was then shown the crystalline grid that surrounds my body. I know next to nothing about sacred geometry, so I searched Google Images under sacred geometry first. I saw the Flower of Life symbol, but that wasn't quite right. I then searched under crystalline grids and the above picture was on top of the list. I knew immediately that this was the one that surrounds my body, completely, like a ball. I sit within this grid. The energy is so amazingly beautiful and healing that all my pain went, and I have had a lot of pain in various parts of the body for a very long time.

I had also been feeling the depression that many had blogged about, but I put this down to feeling the pain of the world........so many are suffering, it is unprecedented. Now I know I can just sit and relax and regenerate. It looks exactly like the picture above, in a ball shape as I said before. I know now that when we feel we can't go on anymore, something fantastic is being created for us. We just have to get through those awful bleak times.........

                                    Love  ~  Light  ~  Peace to the Humanity Healing Family

                                                                              Tara Mary ~

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Comment by Tara Mary on September 5, 2012 at 6:24am

Thank-you Trevor for your lovely comments, and my healing is continuing every day.  The crystalline grid stays now for the ascension into 5D.  I have a lot that needs to be healed, aspects of life to let go of, all of these things need to be sorted before finally ascending.  I live in the Now moment for some time and just need these healings to get me ready......many others who are ready to ascend will also, I presume, be having this work done.  I don't put a date to ascension, I don't follow the 2012 scenario story.  Best wishes Trevor, Tara.

Comment by Tara Mary on September 3, 2012 at 11:05pm

Hi Rosalie, Yes, it was/is a wonderful event to finally have this happen, although, it wasn't on my mind, I was just taking one day at a time.  There is ongoing work which One needs to do once this grid arrives.  Guidance is with me every moment, and healing is occurring each day, but not cured yet! As it is a new experience, snippets of information are coming through each day about my life, and what led to this and that.  Amazing and answered a lot of things I had been asking for years, especially since Jack left Earth.  I blogged about it on LWs.  And, this grid just arrives when you are spiritually ready, no one can just bring it down themselves as spiritual levels need to be reached, AND, all that clearing we have been doing has to be completed.  It's like starting a whole new life, a new adventure....amazing !   thank-you also for the beautiful image

much love dear Hun, take care, hugs Tara. xox

Comment by Tara Mary on September 3, 2012 at 10:56pm

Thank-you Laurie for your comments

Thank-you Pauline for your comments and the beautiful picture !

With the new grid there is still work to be done on Self and I am being guided throughout each day from my spiritual guides and higher-self, it's a moment by moment journey now, and when others get theirs they will also have plenty of help, guidance.  Blessings ~ Tara Mary

Comment by Rosalie Muir on September 3, 2012 at 5:46pm

Hi Tara Mary,

What a fabulous experience & I am so very happy for you, as you know we have similar chronic complaints & I also have been experiencing similar relief, so exciting these new energies so that our 3D bodies can finally have some relief as we move more into 5D and above, all that we have been through with the tough times are going to be worth coming out the other end with bodies anew.

We must keep up our meditations & stillness to allow this to happen and all will benefit as you have already,it is a Rebirth, thanks for sharing,  well done, Hugs & Love to you & your babies,

Rosalie xoxoxo

Comment by Laurie Lover on September 3, 2012 at 5:40am

Thank you for sharing !

Comment by Tara Mary on August 31, 2012 at 8:11pm

Hi Every-One and thank-you all for your sharings ~

The new crystalline grid that is now my energy grid is the next step in Ascension as it means we are no longer attached to the 3D earth-grid.  Our bodies have been changing for some time now into crystalline particles that are compatible with 5D living.  I have had many chronic complaints for years with a lot of severe pain throughout the day concerning mobility, but now, this grid is giving a tremendous amount of healing.  In just a few days a lot of my previous complains have disappeared and I now have more movement and a ton more energy.  I did not have any expectations as to when this would happen, it showed me when I went into meditation after feeling very intense spiritual energies within myself.  It is not linked to any astrological occurrence at present, but a result of one's own spiritual progress.   Some have already had theirs since last year I am finding out from posting this on LWs website, and I see that Incarnation 9 below also has it.  I also found that when I 'Let-Go' of some earth related personal issues these energies arrived within a few days.

Love and Blessings to All, and thank-you again, Tara xoxox Ginger has been kissed, thanks xox


Comment by Starfairy on August 31, 2012 at 6:40pm

Its the effects of the Blue Moon in pisces 31st of August,i am feeling very sad almost adrift its strange but its ok its all ok what we are feeling.Lovely post tara and love your doggie ah sweet.Blessings all x

Comment by Ann on August 31, 2012 at 4:02pm

Interesting new energies are surfacing for you Sherry-Lee very profound & fascinating it sounds like. Check out the meaning of the different colors contained within an aura. 


Comment by sherry-lee on August 31, 2012 at 11:28am

super strong energies- I've had waves of heat and vibration, strong visions of my future self come up unannounced... and the need for so much sleeping and eating for me lately... but the energies in the last week and especially the last day or two have been profound- like soft electricity. Oh, and my sight- I can see little dark flecks in between colours-- when I wondered to myself what they were the answer came to me that they are wavelengths that we have been missing- the colours haven't shown up yet, but the space they belong are starting to be visible... I started seeing auras around people a few months ago- not big dramatic colours or anything, but distortions in the air around people and some soft glowing- usually blueish, grey or purple... and now colours are like drugs for me- I have to stop and look so much my daughter thinks I'm bonkers...   Flowers, sunsets, rocks- even peoples clothes... Cool post- thanks!

Comment by Ann on August 31, 2012 at 10:53am

What an absolutely beautiful share Tara Mary!  I loved to hear of this experience where this vibrating, shining white grid held you in such a sacred & pain free place.  Thanks for allowing us to participate in your excellent spiritual experience. Blessings sister..& kiss the puppy dog for me.

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