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  Depths of Egypt

A Dream Destination for Egyptologists: The Amazing Amarna Necropolis

Amarna is a dream destination for many Egyptologists. The temples, tombs, and houses left by the people who lived in the area thousands of years ago make up one of the most impressive discoveries in Egypt. The city of Akhenaten was destroyed, but the ruins and tombs tell its eternal story.

Before the city of Amarna was abandoned the inhabitants had created a magnificent group of tombs. The Royal Wadi contains the tombs of the pharaoh’s family, including the final resting place of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tiye, Kiya, and others. All of the tombs were heavily damaged, however, the reliefs and artifacts which survived still tell a beautiful and touching story of the city which was inhabited for a very short time, but continues to be a key site in the country’s history.

This: Is only one the links in a vast amount sources, tours & links to one of the most fascinating subjects of  & in Egypt @ the moment.

This particular is fairly short, yet concise & informative (the direct link is included for you on this Humanity Healing photo link & more informative photo links will be added in the weeks to come.

However...being..right up front...right up front .....

The purpose of this blog...existing & subsequent photos & information....Is..and Will Be to delve Deeper into this subject, as i personally Believe....there Is Much, Yet To Be Revealed; In The Vast Network / Labyrinths & Catacombs ...predating ..perhaps..even   Akhenaten, Nefertiti or the city of Akhetaten @ el-Amara. Perhaps, as Graham Hancock speaks of in his books, of advanced civilizations destroyed in world wide cataclysm...thousands of years before, what we refer to as ancient Egypt.

What we do know, is that we are also blessed w/ good friends like Brien Foerster who also do tours in Egypt & several other places & as far as i am aware, alos finds interst in this subject.

Getting right to the point....we're also going to be asking Our long time Friend & associate, Archeologist

Antoine Gigal      GIGAL  Egypt Tours with Gigal  to direct our activities, which will actually be much more than a brief tour, as we will be seeking our OmॐTeam~ entry into that labyrinth of catacombs  for the Omtimes Architects & RadiOmॐ connection w/ OMTimes RadioWe also wish to produce a set of videos for Our Vimeo channel that can be utilized for blogs on:Humanity Healing   OMTimes Magazine etc.

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