I have a brother who seems to be 100% facing the darkness. He has got tattoos all over , smokes, claims he doesn't believe in God. He has painted his living room in black. His clothes are mainly black and have at least one gory skull on each and every one . Drives a black BMW and likes dubstep music.

     I keep wondering, how for Godsake, this 25 year old youngster who looks very confused and embracing the darkness, has one of the most tender and sensitive souls I have ever met. He is extremelely intelligent to boot. When he has a conversation with people he is so tentative, careful and with positive attitude. Always finds the righht words to cheer you up. He has got a lot of friends who all share the same impression of him- that he is the best friend they've ever had . They are like him and very supportive to each other.

     I have a female friend who is so dedicated to esoteric. She believes in God and angels. She wears bright garments. Wears rose quartz and claims she is positive all the time. If anyone takes a look at her you would exclaim that she is a pure angel. How in the world happens so that she is the most horrible collocutor on the planet. She interrupts me in the middle of my sentence and talks about the things she is only interested in. If I happen to share a thought or something she does not register it at all. You think she is the only one ? No, I have met a lot of suchlike people . I think something escapes me. Does anybody have an answer to this ?

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Comment by James Fletcher on March 10, 2012 at 1:10am

Beautiful and powerful illustration that far more important is that which we cannot see but which we can feel (the human heart), than what we see by mere eyes alone. Love the way you present truth Aia. Your words are really food for thought. 

Comment by Aia on February 6, 2012 at 12:39pm

Thank you, Amanda, for your comment and the beautiful quote. 

Most probably, knowledge doesn't make us light within... :)

Comment by Aia on February 5, 2012 at 12:22pm

Thank you Ann for your sincerity. Yes, indeed, appearances are deceptive and as Buble says: '' You shall know them by their fruits.'' People can be very easily strung along by decent looks. I remember a former frined of mine who stole valuables from my father's house. When we realised it was her after two years of seacrhing the truth we filed a complaint in the police. During the court procedures the judge took a liking to her rather than to me because she looked a decent girl. Sometimes angels do come disguised as the ugly old hag from the tales to test our hearts.

Comment by Ann on February 5, 2012 at 9:00am

The old saying "you cannot judge a book by it's cover" is the very first thing that comes to mind here.  Sorry about your friend that does not appreciate or hear you.  Maybe time to move on from that one for awhile to be with people like your brother who appears different but the reality of him sounds very kind, sweet & genuine & supportive.   I would much rather be with the young man in black that *cares rather than the fashionable person who is deaf dumb & blind to all except her own narcissistic needs.  Hope this did not sound to rough.  As that intention is not present here just my own take.  We place to many standards on what a person looks like or wears rather that who the person is & that is the most important quality a person will ever have.

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