Perception is such an individual experience, as individual as each star you see in the sky, although from the ground they all look the same. People, souls, are very much like the stars in the cosmos, very individual and unique because each soul has had hundreds to millions of previous incarnations on Earth, not to mention their unique genes from their ancestors.

Some people join different websites for their own individual reason. Spiritual websites, in general, been a Godsend for many where they can share their personal spiritual experiences because many others in their family or friend unit do not understand. Every experience shared is totally unique to that soul, and whether we want to read-and-accept, or read-and-criticize-judge them or the experience all comes from our own personal space we are that time!

There is so much disharmony going on in the world and if one is mature enough, one could perhaps realize that we need this spiritual kinship of coming together and supporting each other, when possible! Being aware of spiritual transformation for many years now through my own experiences, I wish to share and support others. I can see a lot through different views of looking and offer suggestions when possible. Many others do the same, being supportive and sharing from their own experience. I can't tell you how invaluable this is for the many who are just awakening. Please don't ever be afraid or hesitant about sharing your spiritual experiences as there is always someone that it may assist, even a non-member
just dropping in to browse the site.

In my spiritual understanding, this is called sharing abundance. If one has an abundance of experiences that can help others, and it comes from the heart as mine do, spreading more love around is not ego....... if one perceives it as ego, that is coming from their own place of understanding. So vast is this sea of souls on Earth right now, all from different spiritual backgrounds and vibrational frequencies, all coming together whether consciously or not, to see Earth move out of a lower vibration.

And for those of us who are documenting the changes through writing articles (for about 3yrs now for me) the changes are enormous and flowing forward to further enlighten those who are seeking either confirmation of their own feelings or to read and ponder on the words written.

Wishing everyone a most blessed and joyous day ~ Tara

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Comment by Tara Mary on October 1, 2012 at 11:41pm

Thank-you dear sister, I can feel it, too

Yes, finding images is great fun, and especially using Google images as I get to see new websites I didn't know IS great fun !!! 

so true, so true, so and big hugs, xox

Comment by Tara Mary on September 30, 2012 at 6:46pm

Oh Pauline, that is so beautiful, and I return that to you as well.

I love coming across images that just hit the right spot, in the heart !

thank-you so much Pauline,and sending love and spiritual kinship to you, through the heart ~

namaste Tara *~*

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