Protection by the Angelic Spirits-- How to build your own Merkaba

We all talk about this Mer-Ka -Ba

What it is?

Mer = Light body

Ka =Astral Body

Ba = Etheric body

It is a triple sheath that is used as a vehicle of consciousness.

Here is a symbolic Representation

the cosmic being -- your very self lies centered in the middle and around you in the different directions

are focal points of light where the triangles intersect

This merkaba is the fruit of eons of discovery and investigation.

Here is another model layed out flat in a Yantra( Means Blueprint )

This Mer-Ka -Ba is a spaceship for your spritual body to travel in a linear plane of logic--- the Physical universe.

The Yantra/Merkaba is powered and energized by sound energy.The word.

Different Yantras can be created for various purposes to acomplish external acts.

These above Yantras are created for the act of taking the embodied spirit back to his original realm



Techniques of Construction

Invocation of the Protective Angels

This video is in english and transliterated and in the hebrew.

Pronounce the mantra exactly as spoken. and you envision the spirt of the different angels in their various positions around you.

This is part of the bedtime Shema, the prayers and meditations before sleep, found in the Siddur after the evening service, Maariv.

One of the most ancient names of G-d is "El" - and we see that name in the names of the angels.

The first angel is Michael - "mi"="who" - "C"="like" [is] like G-D - right side

The second angel is Gavriel - the Gevurah, power of G-d - left side

The third angel is Uriel - the Or - light of G-d - in front

The fourth angel is Rafael - healed by G-d - following

The fifth angel is Shekhinat El - the Shekhina - feminine presence of G-d - above the head.

The breathing sounds are reminders to take deep, full breaths as you do the meditation, through the nose, holding slightly as feels comfortable.

This meditation brings great protection and comfort, and can be used as a mantra anywhere, anytime.

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Comment by Pranayama on November 22, 2012 at 9:36am

I can see that... it keeps repeating for me even more than mantras do right now. And, I also know the reason :) It's perfect love and perfect timing for me. Thank you, Eddie :)

Comment by Eddie Sitting Pretty on November 22, 2012 at 9:19am

Love Prana-- I say it all the time while I walk.

It expands posative radiance and energy

Comment by Pranayama on November 22, 2012 at 9:15am

The invocation of the Angels is quite powerful... LOVE.

Comment by Eddie Sitting Pretty on October 26, 2012 at 12:14pm

Be sure and click the invocation video above which could not be embedded

It calls the angels in the original hebrew

Shalom-----Hello Goodbye Abiding Peace


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