I already went through the rebirthing process. Some of the authors called it holotropic breath or conscious energy breathing. That means that with or through breath you can connect with your conscious and un conscious thoughts some of them from the conception, birth, past lives (although, this is not a regression because you're consciously breathing), your younger days, as a baby or toddler. It cames up those thoughts with the feelings your been having when you had that experience in the first place.

It involves a lot of emotions, a lot of energy going through, although you are conscious. I never been in any process like that before, I'm still processing all what I went through. In my case I experienced my birth especifically.

The thing is that I never imaging what a lot of situations we got on an unconscious level which still affect us in our daily lives. That affect us in our decision process. That affect us in our behaviour, on how we relate ourselves with others. I mean we don't even suspect how those things we buried one day because they are too painfull to faced, still there facing you in different ways. It determines sometimes how you're reacting now, without you knowing it in a conscious way.

It requires courage, being brave to heal yourself although you have to faced your traumas, your fears, your most deepest thoughts again. The good thing is that when you let go those feelings you start your healing process. You began to understand why you feel the way you do, why your are more able to certain behavior. To put that simple, you start to know the answers your been looking for, and it's a relief, finally.

That means that we had to realized again how we faced the birth process, how we help not only the mother but our babys, since the womb, to enter to this world with the less baggage posibble, with the less trauma, with the less feelings of "not belongs". For example, those cesarean babys, which had an interruption of their natural ways to come to this world. Their going to carry a lot of sence of angry, a sense of somebody took something from them and are forces, since their birth to prove that they had to do the things their way, because they had the feeling of completion interrupted so they had to over compensate that. It's simply horrible, the pain and anger we cause to our love ones, someone who it's only a baby and for that, they had to carry on that weight on it's back.

But thankfully, this is a begining in our healing process, which means that we could, once faced it, turn the page, and start from that moment to change the way we live.

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