Recently we've went through major technological, political, and Earth frequency shifts. We needed all this to reflect who/what we* are, but when these things happen so close together, odd things can occur. In humans this can range from restlessness, uneasiness, and strange fears, to sensing things that may or may not be accurate.

The good news is, one of our "givens" includes the ability to ask questions. And whether it's been a while since you've asked your self the following questions, matters not. They're offered here as a help your self, to use any time you choose.

When asking your self these questions, simply allow the answers to come. It's important to do your best to not judge your self or anyone connected with an answer. (If you do, ask what's the reason behind the judgment.)

The basic questions are:

1. Is the thought/feeling/energy yours, or from something else (experience, person, unknown, etc.)?
2. If yours, (something you said, did, thought, etc.) what can be done in the moment, or later, if needed?
3. If not yours, can you forgive & let it go back to the source (as in "Source") harmless & formless? (This way the Universe can recycle it & use the energy for whatever needed.)
4.What level of awareness is the energy/info coming from? (Just because it may be unseen doesn't mean it's higher or more evolved. Awareness can range from below incarnational all the way to enlightened/God.)
5. Do you need to raise/upgrade your level of awareness/consciousness/energies** to feel better/be more compatible with new energy/frequencies?
6. Is there anything else you need to know/be aware of to feel better? (Talk with someone, forgive self/others, see doctor/therapist, drink H2O, R&R, etc.)
7. Set a specific time (1 - 7 days) to review what'd been bothering you. Is it still affecting you? If so, go through the questions again.

If what you're thinking/feeling hasn't resolved within 7 - 14 days, (or has increased) see your primary care provider to rule out any underlying medical condition.

Don't be surprised when you care provider asks you similar questions. (What happened, when, how are you doing, & what you would like/need to feel better - why is not included for mental/emotional well being reasons.) They rely on these basics & will tell you the more direct your answer, the quicker the issue can be dealt with & resolved.

* our body/systems, Earth & nature have always been High Definition/Direct Current (HDC), & part of the reason we've evolved to using HD/digital equipment.
**all parts of self - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, glands, organs, energy systems & fields.

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Comment by Chris Anderson on August 25, 2009 at 9:02am
Very cool! Thanks for sharing this...
Comment by Pam on August 24, 2009 at 10:40pm
Thank you & glad you liked it. Most of my blogs usually come via synchronicity/questions from clients, friends, collegues, etc., someone will mention something & sparks the subject matter. So I tell them all how great they are for inspiring
Comment by Theresa Humphrey on August 22, 2009 at 8:40pm
Thank you for sharing!
It helps!
Love from

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