The conference was complete. A gathering of people, who had come from all over the world to share and learn from one another about many aspects of Being. My wife and I had enjoyed the week-end and were walking the property where the conference was held, one last time, before returning to our motel, packing our things and heading to the airport, and the flight home.

The host of the event was coming out of his home, and we met and exchanged greetings. He had been very busy during the event and I had not wished to disturb his concentration during the week-end, so this was our first opportunity to chat.

I asked him if he had gotten any sleep, as he looked quite drained and he replied that he was taking a few days and he would get plenty of rest, no worries.

We chatted a bit about the conference and then he shared something, that seemed to come out of left field. Knowing there was a purpose for all things, I listened quietly.

He related that a few weeks prior to the conference, the folks living on the property had been, quite suddenly, experiencing turmoil and bickering. This was very noticeable, as they live together in cooperation, and normally work through any disagreements with honesty and compassion. he related that he went into meditation to determine the cause of this change in behavior and became aware of 3 Beings/entities present on the property. These beings were represented to him as smoky shadows, working in concert, to sow discord among the people present. He immediately began throwing everything he had at these beings to cause them to leave. He informed the others of their presence and they all joined the struggle against these interlopers. He related that after a few days of this and continued discord, everyone was exhausted, and the beings seemed to be stronger and the depressing feelings were near to being overwhelming.

He said he finally got to the point of saying, enough, I can not do this anymore. He addressed the entities and said, "OK, do what you will, we can not fight you anymore. We are exhausted and have no more fight left. It is done.

He said, that as soon as he was complete with this, he felt the oppressive atmosphere lift, and watched as the entities quickly dissipated, as smoke in a breeze. Everyone began smiling and hugging and things returned to the normalcy of cooperation.

I smiled as he completed the story, and said simply, "When you stopped struggling, you no longer fed them". He nodded. We then walked over and took a few photos together and my wife and I returned home.


I am glad to have had this lesson related to me. There have been many lessons like this that I have had, although none as disconcerting or affecting others as happened in this case.

It is the lesson of surrender.......not to the opposing force, but surrendering the need to struggle.

It is not about giving up your power, it is about not allowing your power to be manipulated against you.

It is about Being Love.



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