Soul Mission Part 3 Carolyn Evers

Carolyn Evers - Soul Mission Part 3
The Low Road, Middle Road and the High Road

I have learned so much through people's experiences as I work with them and
their akashic records. It is so fascinating to see how the soul operates in
their journey.

We, that ego part of us that lives in this dimension are aware of our free
will of choice and that we create our own reality, but it is our soul that
monitors our progress. If we get too far off track, the soul will send
events into our lives so we must stop and review our choices. Failure to do
so can be very painful indeed.

Even though the soul monitors our choices and the events in our lives, God
has placed a claim upon our soul as the soul is composed of particles that
come directly from God. Our soul is the essence of God. If we accept that
fact and thank God for all of our blessings, realizing that all we receive
is from God, then we place ourselves in a flow of direct communication with

It is then that memory begins, allowing us to hear God's voice as he speaks
to us. It is then that we answer while standing in a state of bliss and
great emotional satisfaction as we connect to him. Even though we are here
and God is there, we feel the essence of home in the exchange, because a part
of us is home in this connection.

I have found that there is a string of cooperation between our higher self,
our soul monad and God. Between the soul monad and God there are many
connections that support all of God's work with souls everywhere throughout
the cosmos.

There is an order of patterns and strings that connects to all the galaxies
and universes to each other. It is somewhat like a switching station in your
world for an illustration. This means that ultimately souls can graduate
from our sphere of Earth and her solar system, and move through Arcturus and
then make their way out into this system of switching stations. It is a
magnificent plan so that souls can experience the entire cosmos.

This is God's plan for the souls to experience all the wonder of his
creation. In a sense we are the wanderers gathering all the experience that
God has provided for us, knowing and understanding that all we survey, and
all we experience, are but moments in our existence that we ultimately share
with God.

Understand that our souls are particles of God and this is God's way of
experiencing all of his creation through our eyes. We have a very personal
relationship with our God though we do not remember this.

We are here in this dimension to temporarily walk our path without memory.
The joy of awakening to the realization that God is within us would bring
forth the most grand of all experiences as we finally woke up to who we are
and what our relationship is toward God.

We joyfully accepted this path when we came because we were as intrigued as
God was with this project. God wanted to know if we walked in forgetfulness
for a while, would we wake up at some point and remember him. Would we be
able to awaken and speak with him again in that personal relationship that
we once held? Would we bring Heaven down to Earth; Heaven meaning his LOVE?
Could all of us awaken and live in his LOVE together?

And so our soul plots out this course, our journey. For the most part we
only remember this current lifetime, but the soul sets up all of our
lifetimes like a string of pearls; each lifetime a pearl strung on the
course of our core mission.

Each pearl is a step in expressing what we were created to express. And we
were created to fulfill a very specific portion in the Tree of Life which is
God's plan for unfolding the destiny of the cosmos. You, and only you, can
express precisely what you were brought into spiritual form to express. Each
of us fulfills a very specific piece of the Tree of Life that can only be
fulfilled by us.

Souls when they carry out their missions link each lifetime to the previous
lifetime and they do this according to the reason for which God called them
forth out of nothingness.


We, the ego-self participate in planning our current lifetime before we
come. We have a choice in all of the circumstances in that lifetime and that
objective becomes what is called the middle road. We have the ability to go
before what I call the Review Board and watch as we originally completed
this planning. This is wondrous to watch. We can do this because in the
world of spirit there is no time. There is no past, present, or future,
divided in segments that we must wait to pass through, but rather there are
there simultaneously, all at once, where we can pick and choose what we wish
to explore.

We choose our parents and locals for the beginning of our journey. We choose
those who will come with us to support us in our healing and perhaps their
healing also. There is so much history from all our past lifetimes. We have
played all the roles in humanity in every spectrum of the rich history of
Earth. And with our core group of travelers; we have experienced all the
situations in of all the relationships that is possible in a family. You can
participate in this while meditating, but most people do not believe that
they can accomplish this and they are bound by their belief system.

As I interact with souls facilitating the Lord Metatron Soul Healing
Sessions, I am always in wonder as to people's excitement when we watch
these things unfold; their past lifetimes and the journeys and missions of
their soul. If you are not able to accomplish this yourself yet, I would
suggest that it would be of great benefit to you to work with an energy
worker who can assist you so you can see for yourself the roles that you
have played. Do this once and your entire belief structure changes. You can
then go there anytime you wish.


The low road simply means that the soul did not accomplish what was set out
before them to accomplish. We all have patterns formed in our past that
must be cleared, and if the soul chose to heal a particular pattern and we
did not do, this probably would be a cause for failure in a mission.

If we had a lifetime where anger, for instance, was a great stumbling block
and the soul chose to heal this in a lifetime and did not, then the pattern
is set in place and situations will arise where anger continually arises for
our attention. It is a law where there is an attraction between actions and
thoughts that are alike. This will surface until at last we notice and
finally clear the anger in our lives.

It appears that if a negative emotion or situation is not cleared in three
lifetimes, then it becomes even more difficult to clear. Each time the
signaling from the soul to heal becomes a little stronger to get the ego's
attention. Each time the signal is ignored the guidance from the soul
becomes more persistent until the individual finally stops and heals the
problem. This becomes particularly difficult to heal where indulgences in
vices are concerned such as drugs, alcohol and the like. Whether we like it
or not, the soul is persistent in demanding our perfection.


How glorious is the high road when it is accomplished and fulfilled by the
individual. The high road is simply that the individual participates with
the soul's inspiration and grows in their mastery and fulfills a secondary
mission that unfolds beyond the Middle Road.

As an example, I worked with someone whose primary mission was to come and
remember her healing abilities. We went back to the very beginning when her
soul was created and it was created with the greens of the healer and other
supporting colors to fulfill a particular mode of healing.

Compassion would be required to understand what was needed to support the
Earth at certain moments in the cycles of humanity. These were cycles where
life on this planet would be evolving at a quickened pace and there would be
special opportunities presented for souls to participate in the forming of a
new Golden Age. She is here now to help open this opportunity for such a
wondrous opportunity for humanity.

So the Middle Road for this healer would be to remember her ability and
mission to heal people, but her secondary and higher mission would be to
build a healing center for people bringing in healers of all abilities to
offer a comprehensive healing program for souls. We all have a nobler and
higher goal to subscribe to but that doesn't come into play unless we
fulfill our Middle Road mission.


Our higher self is not our complete soul, but an entrance doorway to our
monad. The soul is very large and complex in recording and holding our
experience and abilities. It has integrated all of our experiences and holds
much of our records in our many journeys. Our complete record is held in the
center of the cosmos by the Cherubim Angels.

The higher self is the inspiration and gateway to the soul monad. We require
the connection to our higher self to understand and to recognize the
vibrational rate of the soul monad and we do work with our higher self for
certain tasks that require more power and experience. Our higher self is
like a signal that connects us to the vast unknown of our soul and its
resources. To retrieve information from our soul monad, we must first
connect to our higher self.

There are organizational relationships beyond our soul monad and these come
together to create on a grand scale which is beyond the scope of this
article as there is enough information about this that could be a complete
article in itself.

The soul understands our missions and in that understanding helps to bring
into our awareness and into our lives, the events and circumstances such as
individuals and opportunities that we must engage with to fulfill our

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