Spiritual Integrity: Live a Life of Purpose and Divine Connection

Spiritual Integrity: Live a Life of Purpose and Divine Connection

by Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself and not followed through? Do you wish you had more energy and space to create change in your life? Are you often confused about what your purpose really is, or
how to manifest it?

Are you ready to step into your innate fullness and integrity?

Spiritual Integrity is a path to wholeness. When we live from our own Spiritual Integrity we follow through on our commitments without stress, confusion, or fear. We are constantly inspired and energized to
respond to change with eyes wide open. We are clear about who we are
and where we are going. Our actions are in alignment with our heart.
Each day is a playful co-creation with the Divine. Life is good!

Many of us learn what integrity is from the outside in. We take on rules and beliefs that are handed down from our parents and grandparents, church, schools, and communities. Often these rules are
not in alignment with who we are, or are completely contradictory. And yet we still try and "be good" and follow what the outside world tells us we should be. Or we rebel, throwing our energy in the opposite direction without really knowing what is true for us.

Spiritual Integrity teaches us how to reclaim our truth from the inside out. At our core, we each have a beautiful and unique essence and purpose. But we cover this shining light of clarity and inspiration
with layers and layers of other people's opinions, thoughts, and desires. We live not who we are, but who we believe others want us to be. We ignore our own truth with the hopes that we will be accepted and loved if we are "nice." Or we spend all of our precious energy fighting other people's opinions. Spiritual Integrity is about the willingness to go deeper into yourself to find out who you are, beyond the walls of the known.

Spiritual Integrity is a re-membering, a weaving of our scattered parts into a solid whole. We step back into our Spiritual Integrity when our thoughts, actions, and emotions stem from our essence, rather
than our strategies and old patterns. Each of us has tasted integrity,
those moments when we feel open and aligned with our highest selves.
These times are the ones we look back on and say, "Yes, that was my
integrity. That was wholeness. That was my essence shining brightly in
the world."

Mental integrity comes when you release your judge and stop punishing yourself. You view yourself with compassion instead of criticism. You learn from your mistakes gracefully, and can quiet
your mind’s chatter so you consistently hear your own true voice.

Emotional integrity allows you to release old hurts and find forgiveness for yourself and others. You are no longer trapped by the past. Anytime you are triggered by outside events and feel
emotional pain you do not blame others, but use your tools to clear and
open back to emotional fluidity.

Physical integrity arises when your actions align with your heart, not your strategies. Each of us takes on a strategy to help us understand the world around us and make us feels safe. When you
understand what your primary strategy is and how you physically act it
out in the world you come to a place of choice rather than habit.
Choice is the foundation of physical integrity.

Spiritual Integrity is a cellular recognition that you are not your mind, emotions, or body, but the light that
illuminates from within. As you move more and more into Spiritual
Integrity your mind, emotions, and form become sweetly transparent, so
the luminous light of your spirit radiates out.

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