TALK & DIE SYNDROME (and Head Injuries)

"TALK & DIE SYNDROME" is a condition where a person receives a blow (minor to severe) to the head, and dies a short time later. Through no fault of their own (shock), they'd assured everyone they were "fine", or the "bump on the head" wasn't important enough to get looked at.
TDS happens for one of several reasons. The main reason is the blood seepage/bleeding or swelling in the brain may not be detected at the time of injury, or monitored long enough.
Due to the person initially being able to talk, or scans showing only brain bruising, etc., it might be misinterpreted they are, or are going to be, okay. This is not always true.
Since the brain is enclosed, the damage has now where to go. And it takes about 24 - 72 hours for the affects to really show up. During this time, the person looses the ability to function, or be aware, until it's too late.. Also, immediate bruising, etc., might not allow scans to detect other, deeper, damage right away.
Two, previous injuries, especially whiplash (car wreck or other), minor or major concussions, other blows or sudden jerking of the head, neck, or upper torso increases TDS risk. The accumulated stress, combined with a new trauma, can cause the brain to shut off completely.
Most TDS is obvious. Some is not, and can be from a BTI (Brain Trauma Injury) or NTD (Near Talk & Die), combined with other issues.
Examples are of people who've had heart attacks, etc., shortly after a head injury, and die. While the ME (Medical Examiner) may rule actual cause of death as "other", the head injury was still an aspect.
The reason for this is: while the heart attack, etc., may have occurred anyway, a head injury makes it very difficult to fully realize or respond appropriately when something else is wrong. This is can be true for even up to a year or more after a head injury, depending on the severity.
With NTD or BTI people can, and do, recover. The brain does heal, but slowly. Changes in personality and spiritual views, moods, and energy levels are common. Other changes can include: ability to be cognizant/present, talk, walk, distinguish objects, smells, or potentially dangerous situations, long and short term memory, ability to relate to others, and body chemistry. Allergies or sensitivities can also disappear or appear.
It is critical to get medical attention after any kind of head injury, no matter how minor. The results from exams, x-rays, CT scans, MRI's, etc., could prove to be life saving. Also tell your care provider/doctor about pre-existing health problems, prescriptions, etc., which can help prevent complications.
The second most important thing is to get immediate attention for even subtle changes. While some people die from TDS within 24 - 36 hours, others didn't until later. (A minimum 72 hour watch is now recommended.)
TDS can be prevented. Education about TDS and what to do is the most important thing. Use protective gear - seat belts, air bags, safety seats: helmets, and etc. (Even a concussion or whiplash can be serious.)
Counseling is strongly recommended for families who's lost a loved one to TDS. With either NTD or BTI, proper treatment (both medical and holistic) and counseling is vital for both the person, and their family. As soon as therapies can begin, the better, and more complete, the recovery is.

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Comment by Pam on July 1, 2009 at 8:07am
Thank you for reading it!! I know most people would probably read something lighter, however, TDS, NTD, and BTI is on the rise. Friends and collegues have been prompting me for a while to write about it, so decided today was a good day. And I feel if even one person, or their family, was helped, it's more than worth the time or effort it ever takes me to write or teach about something like this.
Comment by RaK on July 1, 2009 at 1:48am
Very useful information, my dear.. thank you for sharing.

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