I had a friend. We had a long-term and pure friendship. We used to discuss existential matters for hours. We helped each other and wrote music together. One day he shared with me that SHE  had come into existence. I was extremely happy about him. I was eager to see her but no sooner had I laid my eyes upon her than I realized that our friendship is going down the drain. She was one of those calm and, at first sight, amiable women who like a waterrop,with persistence, bores even the most adamant rock. This, in fact, can be a wonderful quality if, along with it, the owner had a good heart. He was happy and I didn't want to spoil his feast by telling him what an important thing is escaping his perception. Her pathetic thriftiness was obvious cos he was 'well-off'. But the most insidious thing in her was her very covered hatred and absolute egoism. After some time our friendship totally collapsed.

  How many men you have seen  changing drastically after they had married. And not to the good side. I daresay, personaly, a lot. Women, in their attempt to keep the security of the family start getting out of control. But if they should become mothers, everything is tenfold. They develope some awful ego and think that the whole world must revolve around her and the baby. And in the name of it all they start to keep their miserable husband away from friends, hobbies and his personal freedom. Note that absurdity : In the first place, she had chased him like a houndog till she heard the proclamation of the banns and then she starts nagging about responsibilities and all that. Manipulation is evil and most women had mastered it. In addition, women have total control over men for they manipulate them through the sexual seduction.

  Dear men, be careful and be with fresh heads after your wedding. The story about Adam an Eve is not coincidental. Look how we came to the third dimension because of the TEMPTATION.  It is not a temptation just for knowledge but as a whole. It is a good hap that God is giving us second chance to go back to Eden and may this new land remain a snakefree land .


Your, always truth seeking,


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Comment by James Fletcher on October 2, 2011 at 7:58am

I really enjoyed reading this and I am sorry to say that what you say is really true. Some women can really change after marriage. Also men can be so blind!.. Oh hindsight!

"Life is a lesson. You learn it when you're through"  (Limp Bizkit)

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