The demons of paedophilias - Poem by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

The demons of paedophilias

Paedophiles are voracious Lucifer who rob
the lives of the children of the world
without realizing that they slide in
the stench of their mental latrine.

Paedophiles are snakes that
crawl slowly towards the pure heart
of the innocent child.

The men, sons of the
Satanists of the paedophilias have abandoned
any dignity and are sunk in
the stench of their uncontrolled mind,
now chained to the will and wild pleasure
of the devils.

The mental illness strikes without mercy
the innocence of angels
blossomed in the sunshine.

The demons of paedophilia
violate the privacy of butterflies
flying on the lawns of our mother earth.

Paedophiles are voracious Lucifer who rob
the lives of the children of the world
without realizing that they slide
in the stench of their mental latrine.

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Comment by Sharon Houck Russo on December 16, 2009 at 2:34am
Hi Elsabetta, I just happened to see this picture and poem when I saw your picture of the beautiful brown eyed angel and children featured on the prior page. My father is a pedophile and the picture of the teary child above strikes a chord in me today. He looks a lot like I do these days as I experience so much sadness. I have come into awareness of memories of the abuse the last 3 years and it has become very painful for me as I try to develop a healthy relationship with perhaps the first man I have ever truly loved in my adult life. The struggle is a hard one as the abusive issues get in the way and I project all the pain onto this new man in my life and heal the wound of my father at age 62. It takes a special man to be able to go through this healing with me and be there for me and I am very fortunate and grateful for his love and patience. I have tried to be forgiving of my father in spite of the sadness I am feeling so much in my life now. I have always tried to not be so angry and bitter towards my father and his behavior towards me. But today as I look at this picture of the innocent child and tear stained face and read your poem which is not loving and kind toward the pedophile--I am actually grateful for your writing it and my seeing it here. It actually is a relief reading this, a kind of standing up for the victim, myself, and just saying and seeing the degradation and lack of respect and sickness of the pedophilic mind that leads to his behavior, which is really low and humiliating and just plain deplorable. That is as true of sexual abuse survivor and the abusive behavior as the divine light that does exist within this person's mind that is so deeply buried. Sometimes you just gotta acknowledge the sickness and degradation and lack of caring and love of the predator for his victim and just sit with that. I find that is true of me today. So much sadness and misery and I cannot be forgiving and understanding of the pedophile mind today. Compassion is difficult for me today for the perpetrator and maybe today I needed to focus more on compassion towards myself, the victim. So thank you for providing an empathic experience of myself today--it helped me to be kind to myself and not to be so kind to my father. I find I cannot always be kind like today. The truth of today. Take care. I will have to go into other sections of your website and your offerings here. Beautiful pictures I've seen so far. The rest I will have to explore at another time. With love and gratitude, Sharon

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