I received an email from Humanity Healing and decided to share it here as well as my response to it. Here goes!

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Blessing Money When you receive or give money, offer this simple blessing: May this money be blessed.It is a symbol of divine substance and energy.May it be redeemed from every impure influence, from every attachment and craving.I appreciate it and keep it as a divine gift.I shall use it only for good, right, appropriate purposes.In using it, I again bless it and give thanks for it.© The Sundial House Group

And my reply:

quote from Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings:

when she first accepts the ring (money) from Frodo:
"In place of a dark lord, you will have a queen...NOT DARK, but beautiful....
and TERRIBLE as the dawn. Treachurous as the sea, stronger than the
foundations of the earth. All shall fear me and despair."

See? It didn't corrupt her at first, but overtime that's what happened.
Same principle with money. It can't be "redeemed from" an impure influence
because it was created BY an impure influence! You see, money itself is
a devise used to enslave and corrupt. It was invented by dark forces for
this very purpose. Therefore, just like "the ring", it is infused with darkness
and cannot be blessed. It can only be transcended (or dissolved). Humanity
doesn't need to "bless" money, which is impossible anyway.
Humanity needs to RISE ABOVE the use of money as well as those who use
money to ensnare us all. Money is at its very core evil. It's not the "root" of
evil, but it's the primary tool of evil. It cannot be redeemed even though
it can be manipulated into some good uses.

May the Light of divine wisdom touch your every cell.


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Comment by Whitewolf on October 31, 2009 at 9:41pm
By the way, the price of the retreat that David Arthur Ray organized early this month was over $9000 per head. I'm not joking! If someone MUST sell spirituality, they should do it ethically and sell for a reasonable price.
Comment by Whitewolf on October 31, 2009 at 9:38pm
Lightwork heals, you make excellent points. Please check out this article: http://www.manataka.org/page1108.html

Here's what Mary Summer Rain has to say about this in her book Phoenix Rising:

"The fact that there are teachers of spiritual truths and/or teachers innovative environmental living who are actually "charging" exorbitant fees and/or dues for seminars, retreats, symposiums, courses and the like is in direct opposition to the very basic premise of spirituality! To create a common "commodity" or "purchased product" out of enlightenment is to vulgarize the the total concept of spirituality. True and pure spiritulaity has been taken out of the "sharing" of enlightenment to transform it into what is now disgustingly seen as the "selling" of enlightenment.
What this converts to is a stomach-turning statement that goes exactly like this: Unless you come up with the money, you don't get spiritual enlightenment. Do these outrageous pricetags mean that only those who can afford them are entitled to enlightenment, wisdom, information, or help? Is enlightenment then only for the wealthy? Is the majority of the population then barred from such knowledge of Light simply because the seekers cannot afford it? It certainly appears so and with the approach of such critical times when so many, many are reaching out for spiritual meaning, this situation is totally unacceptable.
In the beautiful tradition of the Indian Way, the concept of the "great give-away" should be uppermost in the minds of today's teachers of new learning. To give freely is the Indian Way. It is the way of human spirituality. Enlightenment, no matter on what subject it is given, is only vulgarized by the clinking of coins into the hands of the "giver". This horrendous practice must cease. The organizers and founders of these learning and informative centers must seek other means of gaining their monies than from the pockets of these sincere and innocent seekers. A great travesty is being perpetrated against those who wish to gain some measure of expanded awareness. The blood of the seeker much *never* nourish the veins of the teacher! Enlightenment is a universal entity of itself; therefore it is owned by no one, therefore no one can sell that which he owns not.
Perhaps when this ugly subject of "paying" for enlightenment, simple guidance and/or help really hit home with me was when an elderly Hopi wiseman appeared unexpectedly on my doorstep. At the time I wasn't home, but when he later called, what he asked me plunged my heart to the ground. He softly said: "how much do you charge for a consultation appointment?" I was so taken aback by the shocking question that I was entirely speechless for a few seconds. "Why nothing!" I said. The man on the phone chuckled lightly under his breath. "Well, you know how much everything costs in the white man's world", he added.
I sighed. "yes, I know, but I don't walk that path. This isn't the same trail." When I'd hung up the phone, the full impact of his question struck hard. I considered what he had said about the "cost" of just talking and it literally sickened me. On the other hand, were he to ask me about the cost of my books, that would have been a different story because selling books is my livelyhood...it's a physical object that took physical energy to construct. Selling and purchasing physical materials is quite a different matter altogether than the selling of wisdom, guidance, and ceremony. These types of "healers" must find actual jobs like everyone else in order to pay their bills, and provide their spiritual services on the side. In other words, being a healer must be done during "off-hours" and never as a profession unto itself. Spirituality should never be a "business"."

I happen to agree wholeheartedly with the "Indian Way" as described by Mary Summer Rain.

Charlie, you said that the changes brought forth by Ghandi and Dr. King are still with us today. The way I see it, that is now becoming less and less true by the day...as the powers that be seek to reverse all the positive changes that took place in the 60s and early 70s. Still, I'm forever grateful for those radical movements that took place then...as they potentially served as a "speedbump" for the evil powers that seek to enslave us to their will. I believe what took place in the 60s was a preview of the coming enlightened world we'll eventually be living in! Like a small tremor before the big quake!
Charlie, I think we have a different concept of the word "fight". When I talk about fighting, I don't mean using violence, as that only breeds more violence. Using "passive aggressive" means, like those utilized by Ghandi and Dr. King...such as peaceful non-compliance, IS a mode of "fighting" that which we oppose! The refusal to pay income tax, in order to not participate in the illegal funding of wars, is a version of this.

Charlie, you said "Stating that 'money is evil' is overlooking the real issue - that trying to control people is in fact the true evil. Money is just one of many tools that are being used to do this. (Again, money is neither good nor evil, it is how it is used that defines it)." Dude, that's exactly what I said! I never said that money in and of itself is evil. What IS evil is the fact that an elite body uses armies and agencies to enforce the mandatory usage of it. I don't have any issues with money itself...it's just a friggin piece of paper and plastic! My issue is that a tiny elite fraction of the human race controls our very existance and RIGHT to exist by making me and you use this artificial construct to feed and clothe my kids. To indigenous cultures, money is a foreign concept, and indeed, an artificial (man-made) one.

I think we agree with eachother for the most part, we're just coming at it from a different angle. Whatever. The ages are about to turn and we'll be living in a vastly different kind of world where our time will be freed up to enjoy life rather than just survive and pay for things that should have always been free. For example, mortgages? I wonder what sick wackjob came up with the freaky idea!?

Much love to you beautiful souls,
Comment by Charlie on October 31, 2009 at 3:01pm
"You're saying that fighting something is what makes it persist. I don't really see an alternative though. It seems that "allowing" something to be is what makes it persist. Look at what Ghandi did...he engaged in non-violent civil disobedience because he believed that peace is the only way. Same with Martin Luther King. They were pacifists, and we all know what happened to them."

I am not saying that by not fighting against something that we are allowing it to be, I am saying that rather than putting our energy into fighting against something, we should put our energy into working towards what we want to see happen instead.

It's interesting that you have chosen to use Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi to try and support your view point. Both men saw the futility of fighting against something, they chose instead to put their energies into working towards the changes that they wanted to see. Both of them achieved a huge amount in their lives. Athough they were both murdered (Gandhi, by a religous fanatic, King was murder in a suspected conspiracy against him), neither one of them failed in any way. The changes that both men brought about are with us today, proving that when you work towards the changes you want to see, you can achieve amazing feats.

It is also interesting to note that their good works were blighted by violence from others - even some who claimed to share their view points. Both men were the victims of violence and were imprisoned many times, and yet they stood by their decision to remain peaceful stewards of change, rather than get caught up in fighting against something. It is my opinion that both King and Gandhi were able to achieve the huge changes that they did, for exactly that reason, they refused to fight against something. Working towards the changes you want to see in the world, is in my opinion, a far better and more productive way to bring about change. Energy flows where attention goes :D

Stating that 'money is evil' is overlooking the real issue - that trying to control people is in fact the true evil. Money is just one of many tools that are being used to do this. (Again, money is neither good nor evil, it is how it is used that defines it). Look beyond your issues with money and see the real issues. When you stop fighting against something and use your time and energy to bring about real change instead, then you too can achieve miracles, just like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and many others have. One person really can make a difference - another lesson both King and Gandhi taught us.
In Peace and Love, Charlie
Comment by LightWork Heals on October 31, 2009 at 9:27am
This is an amazing conversation....both sides very well presented! I am all for bartering baby! but bills have to be paid to exist on earth in this society. How does a healer, spiritual teacher survive in this society that requires money to eat, have shelter/utilities, and cloth oneself? They have to "work" doing something to meet their needs. Who would they work for and doing what? Are you suggesting we drop out of society and start our own community bartering services and supplies to each other? or give up our healing time/energy to a corporation in order to make ends meet? Wait are you saying that you have created a utopia bartering society complete with every area of need covered so that money need not be exchanged? I may sign up...

The time will come soon where money will not be necessary but for now... bills must be paid. Money (usually earned by working) is energy and a healer provides a service/energy and it is exchanged = Fair Energy Exchange

Just because some are manipulated by money and pretend to have good intentions doesn't mean all healers lack integrity. Most are trying to devote most of their time and energy into shining the light into the darkness so that the illusions are shattered or teaching others how to heal themselves. Who will feed, clothe and shelter them while they do it?
Comment by Whitewolf on October 31, 2009 at 5:03am
But see Charlie, I think it's *your* premise that is flawed here. You're comparing the mandatory usage of money (which was invented and enforced by humans) with the necessity to wear clothes and eat food, which is a part of nature...it wasn't created or invented by humans. So it's comparing "apples with oranges". One has nothing to do with the other. The global elite aren't to be equated with nature.
I agree with you about the idea of attending "pro-peace" rallies versus "anti-war" rallies. Unfortunately though, the cops treat both types of events as the same. (I've been to many such rallies and believe me, the police don't like us one bit no matter which "angle" we're coming from).
You're saying that fighting something is what makes it persist. I don't really see an alternative though. It seems that "allowing" something to be is what makes it persist. Look at what Ghandi did...he engaged in non-violent civil disobedience because he believed that peace is the only way. Same with Martin Luther King. They were pacifists, and we all know what happened to them.
Rak, I'm not really fond of the whole "workshop" thing, as it seems to be a way for the "enlightened master" to profit off the backs of those who are seeking wisdom and healing. The perfect example is what just recently happened in Sedona, Arizona at the James Arthur Ray "retreat". He stole and sold a perverted version of the Native American sweat lodge ceremony for an outrageously high price which resulted in the deaths of 3 people. Many times he was approached by Native elders concerning this practice and each time he ignored their pleas. I agree with Native teachings that the selling of spirituality is an abomination to spirituality itself.
Anyway, the money system is part of the "old" way...we need to accept new energies that cannot be corrupted. In time, everyone will see this.

Blessings to you guys,
Comment by Humanity Healing International on October 31, 2009 at 4:21am
I agree with Charlie 100%. I am about to post an interesting workshop from Anna Hayes, from the Keylonic Science, and all those subjects are well accessed and explain.I will post it. It is a 18 part video series, but it is free for us over youtube. Her workshops DVD are extremely expensive.It is a blessing we found it... by chance.
I believe that blessings are always needed, no matter where we are, or what we do, or what we are doing... a blessing is always a blessings, it is the way to activate the law of attraction, everywhere ...
Blessings to you both.
Comment by Charlie on October 31, 2009 at 4:14am
I think your premise is slightly flawed in that you are stating that the fact that we HAVE to use money makes it evil. We also HAVE to wear clothes or we would freeze to death in the winter, we have to eat foods or we would starve. (I could use other examples, as there are many, but you get the idea). Also Rak is not saying that without money good deads would not be done. Rak is stating that money is one of MANY tools that can be used for good.(Again, money is neither good nor bad, it is how we use it that defines it).

You seem to hold alot of anger and resentment (perhaps understandably) against the system as a whole. Please remember 'what you resist, persists'. There are many of us who believe that changes are possible. But by fighting AGAINST something, you actually create MORE of it. I think Mother Theresa put it best when she stated that she would never attend an anti-war demonstration, but she would always be at a pro-peace rally. When you change the way you look at something, you actually change what is being observed. Perception is a large part of any change.

I am no fool, I am fully aware of what is happening in the world, I am just saying that fighting AGAINST those who appear to be in-charge is only going to aide them in the long run. Dont fight against something, concentrate on the opposite (what you actually want to see happen instead). Energy flows where attention goes.
May Peace and Love be with you always, Charlie
(Just wanted to add that Ning has always been a little temperamental, you just have to learn to accept that Ning has limitations :D lol )
Comment by Whitewolf on October 31, 2009 at 3:42am
Hmmm, I wanted to edit my latest comment here, but apparently I can only edit the initial post, which seems rather absurd to me. Then again, absurdity is a major part of this Iron Age, or Kali Yuga. So I can't say that I'm surprised.
Comment by Whitewolf on October 31, 2009 at 3:38am
Charlie, your heart is clearly in the right place, but you're engaging in wishful thinking, which unfortunately is shared by the masses, even among the more enlightened, which I find rather shocking. You're right that money in and of itself is neither good nor bad, as it's a non-sentient being. However its very existance is what is evil. That fact that we *have to* use it is what is evil. It's not like we have any choice in the matter. If we choose not to use it, we die either by thirst or starvation. I consider that to be an abomination against nature itself. Of course it can be used to do good things for people, I've done it myself. But my point is, the fact that we MUST use it is what is diabolical. And as for infusing money (cash, check, or credit card?) with positive vibes, it doesn't work because of the dark symbology on it. The broken pyramid with the "all-seeing" eye as well as the other symbols on it "marks" it as belonging to "the beast". It is impervious to positive energy and has resulted in the deaths of many millions on innocent humans. So while the intention is good, it cannot work because of who invented it as well as the purpose of its invention, which is to enslave and divide. The only way to diffuse the evil energy that is inherent within money is to burn it.

Rak, your heart is also pure, but you're subscribing to an artificial paradigm. By saying that money gives you the opportunity to help others, you're implying that helping others would be impossible if money had never existed in the first place, which is a huge misnomer. Indigenous traditions throughout the world have thrived without the use of money for millennia and they did well without it. We need to learn to how to think within THAT paradigm.

The monetary system is...sorry to say, an invention of the priviledged white man, and has forced the entire rest of the world to accept this fascist system of control in order to enslave mankind to his will and bidding. Money in and of itself, like I said above, is non-sentient and therefore neutral. What is evil is the fact that we die without it. Understand?

Money is slavery. Living in a world without the enforced usage of money, taxes, wage slavery, etc. is TRUE wealth. And indeed, a world without money is a world of true freedom. I find it sad that the only ones who seem to agree with me are the evil elite money masters themselves, who quietly chuckle to themselves when they see so many people believing as you guys apparently do. Please free your minds.
Comment by Humanity Healing International on October 31, 2009 at 2:58am
In my humble opinion money is nothing but an energy, like the blood in our veins, it is the energy of society. Like everything else, it is not necessarily evil, but the USE you give can be evil or good... Anything can be use both ways, for good or bad, it depends on how you handle things. I was the one that sent this message today, because I believe , in order to us to have full control in our manifested Universe , you have to "clean up" misconceptions and self imposed blockages.
Many years ago, I learned to say" I like money and I accept money, because I can buy things I deem important, it gives me opportunity to help others, without damaging myself, It allows me to change things and provide for those that can't provide for themselves. The honesty of this energy resides on the hearts of the ones that are using it. It is a seed, what plant is going to turn out, depends on the accessory energy related to it.

Bless your heart!

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