During my time, I was with the negative soulmate.... I started to seek self improvement. Since most other conventional methods never seemed to work on me, I went to self hypnosis. When that whole thing ended up crashing and burning I started not only doing self hypnosis but using binaural beats and isochronic tones with subliminal messages. I learned the techniques of conscious uncoupling to get over him and then started to do things to manifest my soulmate. I made a dream board and did positive affirmations and also afformations. Afformations are affirmations in the form of a question. Instead of saying to myself, "I am rich," I would say, "Why am I so rich?" That is an example. :-)

When I finally, did connect with my twin flame in July 2012.... It was as though lightening had struck me. Weird things began to occur. I started to hear voices. I felt surreal. Electronics would act up on me. I became very creative with both art and poetry. Something I had suppressed as an outlet since I never seen it as useful. I was having premonitions and I could feel his feelings and physical pains. I had dreams that were so symbolic and told me of things I didn't know and then came true.

I was afraid to tell my twin flame about these occurrences  as I thought he would label me as a nut job. I eventually had the guts to tell him. I tested the waters with something small. It turns out he has these very giftings and has had them his whole life! He feels it is unnecessary to focus on them because we can become egotistical in that we have these abilities and that we all have this ability just not everyone either chooses to tap into them or doesn't want to.

I have always had premonitions and prophetic dreams. As I got older, I quit paying attention to them. Then when my twin flame came into my life, they seemed to be reactivated on their own. I now pay more attention to them and see them as something useful. 

I now make it a practice to not only pray, but to add meditation into a daily habit. I am in touch with my higher self and I get some really good insights. It calms me when I am worried since my higher self always has the answers.

The surreal state still comes and goes. That is one thing I need to work on is grounding myself. When I am in contact with my twin flame, it is very strong and overwhelming. It often makes me want to avoid him to avoid the overwhelming and out of control feelings. But he also has taught me some very wonderful life lessons in our conversations and for that I am thankful and I will always love him no matter what. Plus there is the soul pull that keeps me coming back and wanting that high feeling.

I am also thankful that I have been meeting other religious Jews who also have these giftings. It is not something that you can openly talk about since many Jews do not believe this is part of Judaism  Little to they know, it is. It is all in the Kabbalah, but many do not study Kabbalah or if they have have a limited understanding of it.

Even my own understanding is limited, but I am studying it. I really had no choice to learn about this when my awakening occurred. There is still something new I learn every day.

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Comment by Eddie Sitting Pretty on December 4, 2012 at 1:58am

I  love a good original blog with your personal realizations and understandings.

This is just the type of content that we want to read here on the site ...

Telling people about yourself  and your personal experiences.

The quest for the soul mate is a cosmic journey..

and the best teacher and guide is the small voice inside you.

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