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The "Second Coming"
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Throughout the centuries, there has been much speculation about the second coming of Christ. Much of it involves the premise of an actual physical appearance of this enlightened presence. Perhaps we may benefit if we look at the entire concept in a new light.

The encompassing word Christ represents an attitude, the qualities of loving compassion and forgiveness. When any human being acts as Christ did, embodying this consciousness, then the reappearance of the Christ occurs.

Indeed, Christ comes again whenever any one behaves in a Christ-like manner. Don't wait any longer for the return of this divine one, invite the Christ consciousness into your heart. The world is waiting!

Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life, for there is no better method to purify yourself, produce harmonious conditions within, and eliminate wrong states of consciousness. Practice harmlessness in your thoughts, speech and actions. Right use of speech blossoms from refusing to indulge in gossip, talk of self, criticism or chitchat about nothing, for the sake of hearing oneself speak.

Study yourself and your habits carefully. Consider your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless.

Strive to think thoughts about yourself and others that are constructive and positive, and therefore harmless in their effect.

Study your emotional effect on others, and resolve to harm no one through difficult moods, depression or emotional reactions. Well-meaning but misdirected spiritual fanaticism and enthusiasm can easily harm as well.

At first glance, this may sound simple and easy to do ... just try practicing this way for a few days and you will find that the attempt will call forth all the resources of your being and take much effort to achieve.

We don't speak here of the harmlessness that comes from weakness, or a sentimental loving disposition which dislikes trouble because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to consequent discomfort. It is not the harmlessness of the little evolved impotent person who has not the power to hurt because they possess so little equipment with which damage can be done.

Rather it is the harmlessness that springs from true understanding of ourselves and those around us, that leads inevitably to spiritual expression in everyday life. It emanates from the capacity to put yourself in another's shoes, to see their unique limitations and in seeing their weakness, know compassion and desire only to aid and assist.

Harmlessness brings about caution in judgement, reticence of speech, the ability to refrain from impulsive action and the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. Strive, best as is possible, to be the savior, restore the kingdom of heaven on earth!

The planet rejoices in you!


Mantram of Unification

Humanity is One, and I am One with All.
I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.
Let pain bring due reward of Light and Love.
Let the Soul control the outer form,
And life, and all events
And bring to light the Love
That underlies the happenings of the time.
Let vision come, and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate
And outer cleavages be gone.

Let Love Prevail
Let All Kind Love


Goodwill to All & to All the Will-to-Good!


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Comment by Natasha on June 30, 2011 at 5:33pm

Thank you for sharing.  "THE spirit that worked through the Nazarene is still at work,seeking to continue the work that it started but that spirit has been crucified a thousand times since and is being crucified almost every day.  But, because that spirit is part of the Great Spirit, it will continue to spread its influence wherever there are instruments who can work for the Great Spirit to bring peace and happiness to your world of matter." Silver Birch / Spiritual Truth Press

You are absolutely right!  It is a hard path to follo but there are more and more people waking up on this planet and choosing this road.  Peace to you, Namaste.

In Love and Light. X

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