The story of meeting my Twin Flame

Right before I met my twin, I was dating a guy whom unknown to me was dating another woman. This man was a soulmate. I call him a negative soulmate. We had the syncs and the electricity upon touching. He even would put me into a trance just from looking at me. A trance where the whole world would disappear and I would only see him. Much like you see in the movies. I never thought those things were real, but it happened. I dated him for about a year and then eventually found out about the other woman. Once I found out, I exposed him and he sought to ruin my life. I quit contacting him immediately. 

He taunted me at work. He called my landlords to try and get me thrown out. He called everyone I knew and told them I destroyed him and spread lies about him when it was the exact opposite. He was spreading lies about me and telling people I was a pathological liar and crazy and obsessed with him. This was right after this man had told me he had feelings for me.  He even lied to the court system and put a PPO on me. I was not even contacting him once I found out about the other woman so his PPO was outrages. He only did it to prove to everyone I am crazy... "See..she is crazy, I had put put a PPO on her."

I lost a lot of my friends and lost a lot of respect by people in this community. I nearly lost my job. I could not work. I would randomly fall to tears and have panic attacks. Especially when he showed up at my work. This man who was supposedly afraid of me was coming into my work like it was nothing. I was told to get it together or I would be fired. It was a bad time too...Right before Passover. When even the non religious shop and spend over a thousand dollars for one week of food. Oh and I did in the end get fired.

I belonged to a social networking site which I was not looking for a relationship on since I am a practicing Jew and there are none on there. I had not gone to this site in a while and decided one day to start going on there again in February 2012. My TF joined the website the day I decided to go back. On this site, you can "secretly admire" someone. He had picked me to secretly admire. I noticed his name was Jewish. He had no idea I was also a practicing Jew since I use an American name. So I decided to message him and ask him if he was religious. He was surprised that I was also a practicing Jew. We exchanged Skypes. We never would talk on Skype. I would never see him online and he would never see me. Our timing was always off for each other. I was still dealing with the major hurt I was going through so, it was probably a good thing or that's all I would of talked about with him.

4 months later, in July 2012, we finally catch each other on Skype. By this time, I was pretty much healed from all the hurt. We talk and then we turn on the cams. I felt something immediately. I seen my reflection in him. As we continued to talk, we realized our lives we the same. It was like I was hearing my life story from him. A few times, I thought, this guy must of did some research on me and knows who I am and is pulling my leg. We both suffered from abusive childhoods and molestation. We both did not know our parents. Mine due to death and imprisonment and his due to abandonment. We both got married young. The more we talked, the more we found out how much we are alike. I told him, I am beginning to think you are my twin. He said he thinks so also. We were telling each other how much we felt for each other right away. We both thought, what is going on here. I cannot like someone this much whom I have only talked to for a day or two. But the fact is we both felt it. I already knew about twin flames, as I had studied the subject before. So I told him about it and the possibility of someone running from the intensity. He said he can't stand to think of someone he cares about so much to leave him. So we both promised we will talk everything out and never run from each other.

He lives in Israel and I live in the United States. We are 11 years apart. He is already a grandfather. The ironic thing about this is, when I was a child, I would always tell people when I grow up I want to be a grandma. People would tell me, you cannot be grandma. You need to be a mom first. But I insisted, that is what I want to be.

He moved to Israel to get engaged and it didn't work out. I do not know all the details other than he says she had major jealousy issues so he ended it. Because of this, he says he is afraid of another "computer relationship" since it didn't work out so well last time. So we both went through something major right before meeting.

He would often talk about me coming to Israel and hated the fact that it will not be a right away thing. I told him patience. I will get there eventually. He told me how in love he was with me and we would often talk about the possibility of marriage.
We have several other synchronicities that I will get to in another post. :-)
But he has entered the runner stage for the second time now. The first time he took a 180 degree turn on me, he said he did not want to marry me and would tell me I should not move to Israel. Then he came back and was very loving and it was like he never left and he was in love again. 
The second time we got into another fight and he deleted me off of his facebook just like the first time. Both times his computer ended up with issues after deleting me. The first time, his computer crashed and quit working. This time it was stolen. We are going to be reconnecting again and he has said he would like to talk to me again once he is back online.
I hope the dance doesn't go on forever.... I know it will end when we are living in the same country. 


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