I would like to share with you my unconventional thoughts on negative energy.

Here are some facts: The first chakra starts developing from the mother's womb till first full year of age. First chakra is the place where the demon of fear enters and dwells who is the 'father' of all other demons who enter the other six chakras:

 - base chakra - demon of fear

 -sacral chakra - demon of guilt

 -solar chakra  - demon of shame

 -heart chakra - demon of grief

 -throat chakra - demon of lies

 -third eye chakra - demon of illusion

 -crown chakra - demon of attachment

While in its mother's womb, the baby is infected by her parents' demon of fear. The mother is the direct contagent of her child. When the baby comes into the world it is absolutely susceptible to other six demons. God, for sure, is aware that we will be attacked by those demons, isn't He, for He knows everything. There must be a very deep rooted reason for us to be put in such conditions. In the battle between the Good and Evil we can make progress,so, do not be afraid of those demons, we are here to show our power which is Love. Just love the demons, invite them over a cup of morning tea. Tell them you work for God and persuade them to work with you. Sing to them. Dance with them. Laugh. If you hear laughter in your head you surely have succeeded in making them laugh. And know that they are sent by God to make us stronger and better. Don't you think so ?

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Comment by Aia on September 30, 2011 at 12:14pm
Thank you RaK for your nice words. There are always two sides of the medal. I tried to broach the one less thought about. We have all read the tale  THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, it is something of that sort. Every thought that makes us feel lighter and better is the right thought and that indicates we are on the right track. Our constant exorcising and denial of demons makes it worse.
Comment by Humanity Healing International on September 30, 2011 at 3:54am

Deep thoughts my dear, i will have to ponder on these statements.. But I like it

I also believe that demons are a reincarnational problem, many are not demons per se, but powerful thoughtforms that can pervade our lives and last for generations.

I will think about what you said,



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