To Be or not to be...... YOURSELF


Everyone is trumpeting about BE YOURSELF. It is rhapsodized in songs, movies, verses but what really happens when someone has got the guts to be themselves. They attract a lot of hatred from those who are full of fear and do not have the courage to be themselves. What does actually mean To Be YOURSELF ? It means to be honest and truthful to yourself and the others. To have the spunk to divert from the common norms of the matrix. To be bold, open and not make it a point of everybody liking you. To be spontaneous, wild, happy or unhappy and not to hide the things God has given you or taken away from you. To have the strength to differentiate yourself from the whole ambient falsity and to counter it at the same time.


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Comment by Manju on October 29, 2011 at 5:02pm

Yes dear Aia, we do need courage. Once we become courageous in small matters/steps, we become more confident and gradually not really be bothered about other people's ego. We try to remain focused dealing with ourselves development, thereby emitting good, positive energy. Thank you too dear. Courage is very interesting, a true adventure!

Blessings your way always dear friend! xxx



Comment by Aia on October 29, 2011 at 2:53pm

Eli, when people are really themselves they become extraordinarily powerful. Unfortunately we see them in the movies. In reality if somebody tries to be themselves they automatically turn into a menace to people's ego. And as we know everyone is latching onto their egos as a drowning man would clutch at a straw. For me being yourself = extreme courage. Thank you for your comment , dear friend xxx

Comment by Manju on October 29, 2011 at 12:22pm

Unfolding to  the True Higher Self to me is a journey of releasing the "veils" that covers the Light.That would mean our lower nature. Yet,  as we recognize the Beauty and Love of  this Light, we become more and more drawn towards it. And why not, it is our True Self. All other veils become easier and easier  to release, one by one. Love is who we are!

Namaste Aia!

Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

Love and Light is you!


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