Using acupressure to alleviate feelingss of fear, helplessness, and overwhelm

Using acupressure to alleviate feelings of fear, helplessness, and overwhelm
by Dr Kimberli

I have been using Eastern medicine for many years. It works, well and fast. Here are some points I would like to share with you.

Fear is released thru working the kidney meridian. First check the points K27. For a good visual go here:

K 27 is just below the collar bone on both the right and left sides. Poke on it. Is it tender? If so, we can clear this with a simple technique. Go to K7, it is 2 thumb lengths up from the ankle bone and half way back. Poke it, you will know when you are poking it right, move your poker finger around a bit until there is discomfort. Now, holding pressure on this point, breathe in blue.
Positive affirmations:
Say what resonates with you:
I love and approve of myself.
I trust the processes of life.
I am safe.
I am in control.
I am self-reliant.
I communicate with ease and joy.
I release the past.
My future is significant.
My future is amazing.
I think clearly.
I am on an endless journey though eternity.
There is plenty of time.
I communicate with my heart.
All is well.
The universe brings me only good things.
I am calm and in control.

When the point is no longer tender, the fear has been released from the body. YEAH !!!

This emotion is held in the gallbladder meridian. Both the check point and the clearing point is GB44. Go here for a good graphic:

GB 44 is found on the tips of the 3rd and 4th left toe. Check it, if tender, poke it! While doing so, breathe in the color green. The above affirmations work for this point as well.

Overwhelm is managed by the Central Meridian. Both the clearing point and balance point are C24 which is just below the upper lip. If it's tender work it out. Breathe in the color white and use the affirmations listed above.

Not only can you do this for yourself, but you can do it for others. The changes at first are subtle. The results of strenght, confidence and coherence manifest quickly in your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Feel free to let me know how this has worked for you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you! Peace.

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