Lately I have observed a "drama" situation in my vicinity that highlighted this question, "what can I get??" Somehow it struck  a heavy chord in my heart as I too am guilty on falling into this space of Conditional Love, as I understand it.  It made me ponder on it and ask this question, "Why are many of us hanged-up in knowing what is in for us before we can truly give?"


Love is defined as Giving, and giving "unconditionally." This may be a hard act to follow to many, perhaps only because of ignorance of who we are.  I believe that this "commandment" was given to us (to love unconditionally) not to mock us, but because it can be done, if understood. Indeed, "knowledge is power" and as Merlin would say "It is the doom of man that he forgets." And so, allow me to share a few points I pondered on that reminded me of who I am and "Why I can give", instead of "What can I get?"


I can Give because ;


  1) There is no lack in the Universe. lack only exist only in my mind. I can give because there is more where it came

      from (Law of Infinite Supply)  If it feels good to give (guidance within), then I shall not have any fear of lack.  


  2) My guidance comes from within me and this guidance comes from an Intelligent , wise Source that      

      knows all things, and infact have proven itself many, many times as I trusted in it with bold faith. I am always

      taken cared of. Why am I fearing now?


  3) It is easy to "love" someone who is lovable- and infact we think we are really loving them! True Love is

      unconditional; It goes beyond surfaces, and refuses to see the lower energy of a person, but rather, sees the True

      potential. The God within me is also in every person- whether I like or don't like them. 


  4) Oneness means we attract what is likened to ourselves. The thing I feel I abhor in another is actually me seeing

      myself. Am I not glad that I can see myself so that I can improve on me and get to focus my

      thoughts to that which I will  be happy about when they manifest? I can choose to change my

      thoughts/feelings such that my outer will not affect me in a negative way .


  5)  To Know that I am here to grow and be in a position to "Give" is the motivation. To meditate is to

       connect to our higher self for power and  clear guidance. To contemplate is to ponder on concepts such as the

       Universal laws of Oneness, Cause and Effect and Infinite Supply that helps us "see" ourselves in our relations.

       This is "Oneness" : That there is  no "other," in the permanent "reality" but all are mirroring one another.


       As I understand this, then to give to myself is a joy, and to give to another is divine. What I have given to myself is

       what I give others, and what I give others is what I have given to me. 

       Love is all about growth and expansion, and the "others" are our vehicle. 


       Therefore, if I keep thinking of what I can get, I will be given situtations that too, "gets" from me. (don't complain,

       right? :-)


       And The real  Question is : What more can I give to myself? (others)




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Comment by Manju on July 1, 2011 at 10:10am

Yes, I agree with you Free Spirit. When we are guided within (intuition/feeling), sometimes the giving comes in the form of  a healthy "No." And that should be ok, as long as that is what is from your truth and not others.

Many blessings of Love and Peace your way love!



Comment by Manju on July 1, 2011 at 7:22am

To Give is the idea Free spirit, either to oneself or towards others. However, the thing to observe and remember is not so much on the "act" but rather, the "Feeling" behind the giving. Are you giving with joy? Then life will set up situations where you will be in the space of being given to joyfully by others.  Are you giving "worrisome thoughts?" Then more of the same comes to your life as you attract them via the attention you give to them. As reflections to one another, the "True intention" behind our giving to ourself or others is the same.

Comment by Manju on June 30, 2011 at 7:18pm

> Natasha, for you. Much Love Eli 

Namaste and Thank you friends!

Comment by Natasha on June 30, 2011 at 5:41pm

You are a beautiful soul Eli.  Thank you truly.

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