Hello again everyone!! 

It's been far, far too long since I've seen you all! 

First I really need to thank my friends here at HH, they saved my profile! Big props to them hay hay

As for me, well.... I guess I really need to update my profile! I didn't even read through it before I started making this post to you all.

But I know that it probably says that my mom died and I was taking care of my elderly father with alzheimer's. When I was working as an administrator here and as an ambassador, I was able to take care of him as well as have some time to be here. But then that time ended and I had to be with my father almost constantly, so I couldn't be here in my home away from home with all of you beautiful people. But sometimes life hands you so much your plate isn't full it's overflowing, and usually that's said with regards to something happy or good, but not always.

My father died this past March, so it's still right *there* for me, but I'm ok. And I know that he's now ok. He let me know, maybe I'll share the story sometime. Anyway... from the time my mom died until the time my dad died, I had 7 people die on me. All of them were family except for one, who was my best friend. 

That's a lot of people to lose in such a relatively short amount of time. It's like my mom started some trend that wasn't any fun at all, and I'm glad it's over.

But now everyone is gone. Almost. I have my brother who was adopted 18 months after I was, but up until 3 nights ago I hadn't seen him since Dec 09. So, yes, I do have a brother, but one that stopped being a brother and one I never see. But I'm not upset with him, I realize he has to live his life as I have to live mine. It wasn't just me that lost so many people, he did too.

We're just not very much alike, I'm me... yanno how I am if you remember me, and he's a great person, but he's into different things. And that's as it should be, because that's how it is.

What's up with me now? Well, I just got my first home, I've been here less than a month so far and I'm taking my time unpacking and really enjoying spending the time with my things, my cats and my HOME. All I've ever really wanted in this world was a home, and now I'm in it. 

Nothing fancy mind you, but it feels like home and when you've never really had a home like me, this is very, very special and wonderful and happy happy energy time!

(I wasn't 'homeless' I was an adopted child living in a house with parents that loved me in their way and I loved them, but it was never a home. It was a house I lived in.)

So, more than anything.... I wanted a home. 

Now, here I am, back at HH my home away from home as I'm in my home. I so happy I'm goofy. But, that happens frequently anyway lol

I need to learn this new site, I left to take care of my dad back when we were still on the ning site, but I'm going to learn the site, acquaint myself with what alls been added in my absence and then find out what's needed of me, but I'm here, I'm back and I will be here on a regular basis. (still have to pay the bills yanno, so I can't be here all the time)

So, that's pretty much about as short of a story as I could make that so you'd understand why I left, what I was doing and now that I'm back the steps I'll be taking to get back in the swing of things.

I'm really so very happy to be back with all of you. I've missed you all so much.

I hope you're having a beautiful moment... I know I am :)

Much Metta,


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Comment by Helen P on December 4, 2012 at 9:29pm

Welcome Back, Prana. Please except a giant virtual hug. I'm so sorry... I didn't see this post or any of your posts on my wall till now. You must be an incredibly strong person.

I also haven't been on HH for quite a while, though for different reasons. I count on my email to let me know if/when someone posts on my wall. It didn't show your 11/22 post...but it showed the last one. Go figure. Thank you for reaching out...updating...coming back. Hopefully, we can talk more. <3

Comment by Glenda Siddall on November 1, 2012 at 4:23am


Good to meet you

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